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  • trumpace trumpace Jan 18, 2013 1:25 PM Flag


    mar, Yes if they choose wisely which if you look at this teams history, I believe they will. Now if I am right and they let the 15M hit the bottom line (or most of it) at 1.25 per month the chance of a profitable quarter is there to be had. I do not think "Sir Will" had anything close to that number but was more part of the problem of increased carriage cost which was part of his demise. I do think KS and Team are in a better situation with their experience in this business and their model shows that. It has taken a long time to get to this point and if not for the electronics issue we would be well at the 12-14 level today as their five year plan would have worked in the end. Now we must put aside the old plan and look at the future to get back on track and that should be shown in the Q4 number somewhat but more so in the Q1 since Q4 will only receive 1.25M although strong electronics could help also. But starting in Q1 and for each of the following Q's each will get 3.75M to the bottom line (and this does not consider any other contracts that are being negotiated in 2013) and that is where we could see a quarter or two with dare I say, a profit.

    Now why I say a quarter or two are because if they reach any new terms they might have to put up some cash up front on channel positions where the savings in carriage would show up in time as the effect of that event takes place and I am ok with that. But first they need to show wall street and us investors that they are in control of the operations side of the business and that is why they may want to show a profit first. Again JMHO