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  • trumpace trumpace Jan 28, 2013 12:04 PM Flag


    Well last week we saw VVTV touch its 52 week high before retreating once more. Still in the trading range. January will either end this week Thursday or they closed the books this last Friday we will see. They have been closing quarters around three days early, not sure why they like that strategy unless they are trying to push a good quarter down the line which if they close this Thursday would benefit Q4.

    Another thing of note is the short interest today has decreased to 9.70 (Yahoo) from 10.90 last week so some covering happened last week but 9.70 is still a lot considering the float.

    The chart is still bullish IMHO but it is looking more like either good news or a wait for the earnings in March will be in order to move the pps. If the news is good or the earnings are good then a breakout should occur. Again a lot of upside if management shows progress. Also a note this morning while watching CNBC (Only cause I can't get Fox Business) it seems the market is starting to make a shift to the bottom line metrics away from the top line Revenue metrics. By doing this VVTV is poised to break out as the 15M hits the bottom line throughout the year. Just another good event for VVTV and very good timing to boot. It is all about KS and Team and what they do to build shareholder value. They have put the pieces in place to show great performance..., now we will see if they can manage it.