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  • waynenegrin waynenegrin Feb 13, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

    now what

    since comcast is now 100 percent owners of nbc universal..will they give support to vvtv...or keep them struuggling in a vine...great opportunity for them to so something and finally give them some resources to expand the business,with all their media outlets...thoughts??

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    • I would not hold my breath for anything from Comcast. NBC cost VV alot of money for carriage agreements that were NOT to VV's benefit. Those agreements (most of them) have now expired. In addition VV spent millions on the brand and more millions for various other NBC enriching schemes. Comcast itself has been enriching itself at VV's expense for the 16M+ Comcast homes that carry ShopNBC for more than the $1.15 we are paying more recent homes; ShopNBC is NOT available on 6M+ Comcast homes today. Why? Likely because Comcast wants to much money for carriage.

      The 'value of all those NBC/Comcast media properties' to ShopNBC always comes with too high a cost to ShopNBC! In the meantime, Amazon keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger....while paying zero, nada, nothing to Comcast Broadband in all those Comcast homes. That Broadband is capable of beaming in the 24/7/365 Amazon TV if Amazon chose to do a cost of zero, nada, nothing for 'carriage'.

    • Well if I understand it the original deal had some odd things in it like I believe, credits for higher values in assets that Comcast received from GE to benefit GE. That leads me to wonder it the trade off from GE to Comcast the VVTV asset was part of that deal. If this is true then it is no wonder why Comcast was not exploiting the VVTV asset. Since this remainder of GE control of NBCU will take place it will be interesting when it will close and then what Comcast does after that. I would think it would close fast as Comcast is using cash for two thirds of the deal and their isn't any approvals I believe from the government needed since they went through that the last time when they took control. I always have hope that Comcast will exploit this asset after all it would benefit them in a very big way. Maybe just maybe this is what KS has been working on and the reason why we do not see him in these events lately. Time will tell. Just think if this would have a meaning to VVTV in the end and NBCU would start to exploit VVTV and add the 15M to the earnings and the QOQ-YOY improvements expected for 2013..., WOW! that would be something. Oh well one can dream. Listening to CNBC the deal may already have taken place, that would be great.

      I do like the deal for Comcast. Now lets see some real change to the programming, they have had some positive changes this past year but they do need changes to their news programming and moving that asset more to the center then the fart left it is today.

    • Wonder if they will still have to pay that license fee to use the NBC name?