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  • marubozo100 marubozo100 Sep 30, 2013 6:52 PM Flag

    The 5 year collective...resurrecting.....

    Listening to the webcast...Billy says 5 yrs ago the customer list was it is 1.2M.
    Now just listen to what they say and it is easy to extrapolate:

    ASP is about where it will stay. 5 yrs out....1.6M customers and $1B+ top line and EBITDA in the 8-12% range.

    No one is directly saying that...but...sustainable, LT growth is what it is all about. Democratize ASP, reduce return rates, increase customer file, reduce carriage costs, improve channel positions, expand merchandise

    Go to shophq website and click on investor relations; click on can email or phone any of our 4 analysts to tell them to blow the dust off their models. Get on the train put on their rose colored glasses and drink the kool aid....make their customers money NOW

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    • Sounds good but it is the only stock red on my screen. Someone does not agree with us. I do believe if we are patient there will be some kind of reward but the S&P has been stronger than VVTV. I am up around 40% this year ( knock on wood ) This stock should be next years gainer. I am getting back in so let the dance begin. ( lol )

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I think the sentiment for VV is quite similar to 1998...a time when investors were tired of no results and wanting to know what the new regime would do...this time around the regime is in place but have yet to deliver anything of a consistent nature; then add to that VVTV's horrific 23 year history subtract the Internet bubble and you get the current pps and the sea sickness that goes along with it.

        Bob, Billy and Carol know what they are doing. At no time in prior VV history has it been able to claim such deep management that really know what they are doing.

        The NBC albatross is almost completely gone....all the app dev that Carol cites is is time for results!

        We will eclipse $8.73 this year! (no guarantees)