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  • I spent some time last night reading through 10Qs and some analyst reports on NM. Though not as militant as previous
    posters, I must admit I'm not very excited about the merger. Good side: there probably are a lot of synergies between the two, so
    they should be able to cut a lot of costs; gets VVTV into international businesses. Bad side: NM's business is very hit or miss
    (not unlike making movies), and their current problems are because they couldn't follow up their last "hit", the Abroller Plus;
    their finances are mediocre. If anything, I'm not happy about the price (55% VVTV, 45% NM), although I'll give Bear Stearns,
    VVTV's advisor, a little credit, so maybe there's something hidden in NM that I didn't see.

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    • A merger between VVTV and NM is like combining the Lusitania and the Titanic. Your lucky the stock is not a lot lower. Want the REAL facts, talk to some of the good ex-employees, and there are quite a few.
      Find some of the ones who had great ideas only to be screamed at by one or both of the "infamous two" because they couldn't evaluate a real business philosophy. These guys actually believe there good at this business. Amazing what a little luck will do!
      Ask about the meeting where they told the employees that they were stepping down because it was too big for them and that the two of them had done what ONE person does in most companies. They also said that if one did make a mistake, the other wouldn't tell.
      Ask why Scott Lindquist was brought in. He used to be a Tax Assessor (good background for a VP of a TV shopping channel).
      He also was Bob's best friend in college. Talk about dead weight!
      You haven't seen the bottom yet!!!