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  • Time_to_Recover Time_to_Recover Dec 28, 1998 9:19 AM Flag

    Good luck SATH

    VV's tortoise might benefit from your hare's
    performance (absent any VV news)

    As posted prior, you
    'might' be able to insert VV in place of SATH in those
    PR's from SATH.

    Why no similar PR from VV? Is
    it sustainable? Is it reflective of the future
    direction of VV?


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    • In general, the Boston Plan is speculation that
      the VVTV management was cutting the fat out of the
      company to get prepared to spin VVTV into the Net Radio
      IPO. It is speculation but does not seem as possible
      now. That still does not mean that they are not
      looking for a suitable buyer!! What Merlin doesn't
      realize is that if anybody wants to tear down and sell a
      company, if that company does have some viable value the
      stock goes north!!

    • TTR and Boston: Thanks for your responses to all
      my questions. I guess (hope) we'll see tomorrow just
      how far good news will carry VVTV. Far, we all hope.
      I've got one more question: I have read several of
      your previous posts that refer to the Boston Plan.
      Could you please explain exactly what that's all
      about?? Thanks again.


    • I have enjoyed reading your posts over the past
      month or so. i think you both make logical statements
      about what is affecting, and what might affect, VVTV.
      I'm sitting on 2000 shares and hoping your overall
      optimism for this stock is well-founded. I think it is,
      too, or I probbaly would have bailed by now. I'm
      interested in your answers to a few question:s VVTV cannot
      seem to break the shackles around 6 very easily. Do
      you feel the NetRadio IPO announcement will be the
      catalyst to drive the price upward, or is there something
      else out there that will boost VVTV in the short run?
      Now the NM has repaid the $10M note, is there
      anything else from that deal that could be beneficial to
      VVTV in the near to imtermediate term? Does VVTV still
      hold a bunch of NM warrants? Back to the IPO, is the
      next big step announcing a CEO for Netradio, to be
      followed by announcement of the particulars of the IPO?
      Last;y, do you feel there is a narrowing window of
      opprtunity to launch the IPO -- ie, while Internet stocks
      are hot and before a possible market correction, say
      in March?? Thanks much for your input. Keep your
      comments coming.


      • 2 Replies to mouton45_98
      • TTR, we've waited for our turn. This might be one
        of a few moves for VVTV. I'm surprised that the
        announcement came out this month. This could open up pandora's
        Mouton, TTR is probably a much better source than
        myself when it comes to the specifics of deals such as
        the NM deal and what it's future might mean to VVTV.

        As for the IPO I don't believe in always
        listening to the Wall St. Naysayers. It is always important
        to recognize values through the fundamentals
        (stressed in previous posts). My firm belief is that there
        is great hidden value in many internet stocks. The
        value should always start with
        earnings(potential),market (potential) and growth (potential).
        With many
        of these large companies earnings are predicted to
        slow but that does not always recognize market
        specifics. That is a broader prediction. If this prediction
        does hold true that means larger companies with
        earnings slow down will have to look at smaller companies
        with potential for viable growth. This may be one
        explanation why so many of these smaller internet companies
        with good products an identified markets are taking
        off. Just a thought.

      • Would think that NetRadio IPO would positively
        impact VV.

        There could be some other announcement
        in short CEO for NetRadio or something
        about VV; interesting that TWX and CDNow keep denying a
        deal...would hope that TWX is looking at NetRadio's CDPoint

        I suppose there could be something between NM and
        VV...the ad/click from NetRadio is a
        possible link.

        VV 'may' hold 750,000 shares of NM;
        it appears they excercised their warrants from the
        NM pay-off. (i.e. that is where NM got $2MM of the
        $10MM they paid back to VV); there 'might' be other NM
        warrants...seems like there was a lot of re-pricing of warrants
        that VV had from past deals with NM.


        My own opinion is that NAVR will IPO in next 50 days
        or so...that is based on what Paulson supposedly
        told CNBC during a break when he was interviewed in
        early Dec. If NAVR delays the IPO again, I think they
        will have some very angry shareholders who could muck
        up the entire process. (i.e. lawsuits,