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  • __Simply_The_Best__ __Simply_The_Best__ Dec 29, 1998 10:15 AM Flag

    Will you BUTT HEADS stop spamming VVTV a

    play. NAVR is 10 times better as a Net Radio IPO
    play. Just sell your VVTV, buy NAVR and SHUT UP

    I checked VVTV and NAVR out.

    has 25.6 Million shares outstanding and ONLY 15% of
    NAVR has only 13.5 Million shares outstanding and a
    HUGE 85% of NetRadio.

    (85%/15%)*(25.6/13.5) =

    Therefore each NAVR share owns 10.75 times as much NetRadio
    as each share of VVTV. For each point VVTV goes up
    due to NetRadio, NAVR will go up 10.75 or probably

    So if you own VVTV to play on the
    NetRadio IPO you should sell it now and buy NAVR.