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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Mar 4, 2009 4:25 PM Flag


    Im in this game a long time. If option activity was a leading indicator in the long run, we'd all be rich. Often option activity is either gamblers throwing the dice.....or the smart money going opposite their position as a hedge. Or..............some group of numbskull hedgefunds (they arent all smart, yuh know.)following some options straddling type system and often they blow up. Id say maybe 20% of the time is huge option activity a time to buy. But.....Im just a daytrader. What do I know? To me.....options are for suckers. You have to be both right in direction "and" timing. And sometimes still you decay so much you barely make enough to make it worthwhile. Everyone nows the story of some guy somewhere who got into AOL or MSFT options at the right time. But yuh never hear about all the calls that went out the window on YHOO and CSCO and 90% of the tech companies in 2001. I repeat...most options buyers are the suckers. Always fade the suckers. Im an ex las vegas dealer as well as stockbroker and now daytrader. I will respond to all intelligent questions or comments. BTW.......look at all the options seminars and systems being held all over the country. You really think these guys can beat the options gane with all their software and coding? No!!! The scholes model has already been proven to be flawed and most pro money managers wont touch them. A few funds who use only options and have a good year or 2 get all the hot press coverage and write books..........and then quietly fade away when their "system" no longer works. Options have killed more people than Hitler. You wanna buck that? Be my guest. Oh....I wont even tell you how many times options are manipulated so when you buy an option you pay much more than you should, and when you sell it, you get less than you should. Its a rigged game for insiders at brokerage firms. They are the house. In the end, like a roulette wheel, they get all the money from both black and from red. Buyers and sellers.That double zero cannot be beat.

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