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  • tr01742 tr01742 Jan 9, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Analysts trying to manipulate by

    publishing damaging stories even as insiders buy or acquire stock.

    Last time I went in a month ago, the cashier was busy. I haven't been back though, because I don't live near the store.

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    • Not everything is manipulation and some mass consiracy. Somethings are but not because a stock you are invested in goes down while you own it. As if it must go up to its real value immediately after you put the buy in your online brokerage account. There are traders in the market. There are also people who desite your "immense wisdom" don't possibly agree with your assessment of this company despite it being so OBVIOS to yourself.

      I am long but I don't scream conspiracy because the stock I'm invested in doesn;t go straight up. It's an investment, thereby implying it takes tim. No such thing as easy money or as CNBC likes to say "fast money".


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      • So you still don't think Motley fool is trying to crank the stock up again after it hit bottom?

      • My immense wisdom is something you assigned to me. I made no mention of such a thing.

        Are you able to post in the headlines section? I can't. Plenty of posts forecasting the demise of the dollar shopping model. One article looks like it was written for Dollar General and thrown into the news for DLTR. I think the analysts, who can publish under headlines, see an opportunity to beat down the stock for their own reward and do it.

        I read a book about the demise of the economy. It suggested that discount retailers are a good investment in the future as the value of the dollar drops. That is why I am invested. I hope invested is the correct term. People with little money might be inclined to shop at DLTR. You can get inexpensive frozen food there. Hot dogs and stuff.

        Sentiment: Hold

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