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  • ja_mcsw ja_mcsw May 13, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    Current Smart Investors!!!

    Are NOT buying CBAI!

    They don't want to loose 99.9% AGAIN!

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    • They wont lose another 99% until the Next REVERSE split which I think should be announced soon like I said they would in May 2011

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      • They had an R/S back in 2011? Really? I guess only those i---diots like taffy/ja_mcsw who were invested back then would know that...LOL...Taffy has been saying there will be a R/S EVERY week for the past year (Soon is what he says) and he has ALWAYS BEEN WRONG. In addition, any smart investor (like us CURENT ones) knows that, looking at the financials, the industry, the CF positive, profitability, FInance-minded CEO, shows that there is no need for a R/S and that the company will bring huge returns. This si by any standard financial analysis. That is, Financial Analysis that taffy & Ja_mcsw lack, obviously since they invested last year, and our analysis guided us to wait til this year. Good job taffy, keep up the great analysis....ah hahhahahaha

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    • Genius, we all understand that YOU lost 99% last year because YOU invested without doing any research, analysis, and foerecasting like we did which led us to invest this year. It's just your message totle here that is confusing "Current Smart Investors", and then you say "they" don't want to lose 99.9% "again"?? Wrong group, we current smart investors are not the ones that lost anything, nor do we give a rat's a#$ about your weak investment startegy in losing 99.9% last year. We did our analysis last year which guided us to invest this year and we are sittin pretty now in cheap with a newly profitable company, CF positive, in a hugely growing industry with a Finance-minded CEO that has reduced debt. See we look at, and discuss FACTS/STATS on this board. NOt losers from the past weeeeping....Any other ridiculous questions??? Ah hahahahaha. There is no downside here and nothing negative about this business, industry, or financial position, by ANY standards it's ALL POSITIVE. Move along junior!!

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