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  • danielsinn666 danielsinn666 Aug 21, 2013 12:04 PM Flag


    LOLOLOLOL, Looks like your so called "current" investors have lost their a**es like everybody ALWAYS does here at CBAI if you hold shares! thanks once again for your great advice santini/cbai_rocket!!!!!!! out of curiosity, would i be a "current" investor if i bought in 3 months ago or would i be just another disgruntled basher from the past? LMAO at santini/cbai_rocket at his pumping!!!!!! this company is the biggest disaster i have ever seen on the market and needs to be just shut down

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    • "In" now a good time? NO! "In" now is not a good time...LOL...i---diot. BTW, all few of you sound like typical disgruntled bashers from the past (they are on every board) who lost money getting in & out at the worst time, due to no analytical skills, and then stick around to bash (misery loves company). Unfortunately, the new smart investors got in subpenny (where it is now), and find ourselves with MEGA-thousands of shares, in at subpenny with a newly CF positive company, due to the new finance-minded CEO, hugely growing industry, recurring revenues increasing EVERY qtr, expenses decreasing EVERY qtr...not much more to ask for, low entry, huge gains coming when the industry matures, the positive financials continue (as there is no info to the contrary), new stem cell usage discovered day by day, etc. NOW, ANY OTHER RIDICULOUS EMPTY informative posts from teh disgruntled bashers? LOL...I DIDN'T THINK SO!!!!! Move along! You've worn out your welcome on this board, your bashing only works if the company does not turn around, DOES NOT APPLY!!!

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    • Theirs always a new crop of suckers ready to drink the sugar filled punch and buy this junk.When the next R/S?

    • Oh yea, I forgot how you i---diot bashers from the past analyze a stock & company. You do back-flips when it goes down .000000001, GUESS WHAT, IT'S BACK TO FLAT like I always say. THERE IS NOTHING NEW to post today or any other news. The facts remain the same::::: we current smart investors got in subpenny because we DID NOT invest last year like you i---diots. We did analysis first. Now we have MEGA-THOUSANDS of shares at subpenny, and the company financials have turned around and they focus on core business with a new finance-minded CEO. HAS SOMETHING CHANGED? or do you just post babble because you have nothing to do? Nice try junior!!!

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      • You keep saying "WE" who is this "WE" you are referring to? You were the only TARD who purchased anything this year due to your failed analytical skills. This company is out of stock....780,000,000 shares used and only 12,000,000 more to go before it implodes all over your face like Matt used to do!

        They used over 300,000,000 shares to pay bills and tried to fool those TARDS who can't read a finacial report when they said they are living off of their cash and are now cash flow positive. So far you are the only TARD who had been duuummb enough to fall for this.

        How do you feel now FISH! Fish on the line people I think it's a TARDSHARK!

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