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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 31, 2011 11:26 AM Flag

    FEED's premix business worth more than its market cap

    Get a grip all of these Chinese companies are ripping us off.

    If they are so F'n great then why don't they meaning the company itself just buy the 64M shares they have or why hasn't a pro come in and bought the shares?

    Tell you why! Cuz they are full of FEED!!

    If you say otherwise, please let me know what other boards I can find your history of comment threads else your just either :

    1. a schill
    2. a paid DB
    3. work for the company
    4. have way too much of this POS and want to dump
    5. a sponsor that is realizing us US investors arent' completely stupid
    6. you realized all of this about FEED too late.

    Go F themselves, is what I say.

    I wouldn't even bother shorting it now either.

    Let it die or prove to us all it isn't what it is. These guys have lost the markets confidence and they never even had much of it.


    Your a J.O. if you say otherwise.