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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 19, 2011 8:51 AM Flag

    Do you like loosign money

    FEED sponsors are to F U all. You haven't figured it out.

    You don't let it run up in less then 30 days for a double and not hold on to it unless there is something terribly wrong with the company or the sponsors are a bunch of BJ.

    Find something that will pay you RENT while they play their shannigans like a fat dividend and then use that to buy your obsessive krapolla like FEED, which you can't resist I understand.

    If you can't even begin to keep record of insider buying. F them. the game is hard enough without playing dumb Chinese broker games.

    Don't be such sheep, do you possess such little confidence in your ability to find a respectable semi trust worthy company and managament as well a stocks sponsors?

    Do it!

    The program is designed to make it alluring for you to buy in because you think you saw the bottom candle..soembody thought that at $4..$3..$2..and $1. F THEM. F FEED and its management and sponsors.

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