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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 31, 2011 4:10 PM Flag

    To the Sponsors!! Great Company ready to go bankrupt?

    Why don't they just buy the entire Share float back since its such a bargain basement price.

    Or give all their share holders a equal value of PPS or some current large percentage?


    I will tell you why because they are going to bankrupt the way that all the F'n Chinese DB companies and management teams are.

    It is the great Chinese epedimic, they learned well from the Schills of Wall St.

    We fully retraced back at $1.00 from March 2009 and now down anotehr 35%.

    Your all a joke touting this POS company and management team.

    Did anyone of these touters say hey "lighten up" on your shares of FEED, at any time?

    Keep listening to the Motley fools ALL STARS as well.

    The US meat is beef and China is Pork..what gives if thats the case how do you have a floundering company with over a Billion Pork lovers..hmmmn.

    To the sponsors give us a f'n break. See you all in bankruptcy!

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