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  • uspsetkirk uspsetkirk Apr 15, 2005 11:02 AM Flag

    BHP this quarter will report

    better numbers due to the past 3 months of higher crude and natural gas prices.

    NEXT quarter BHP will report better numbers because the 71.5% iron-ore price will be fully reflected in their numbers, even if oil falls a little, which should be short turn.

    Bush Admin. has SNOW out there trying to talk down gas prices at the same time calling for China to un-peg from $USD. Can't hve it both ways. If China un-pegged, their cost of ALL commodities would be a lot cheaper for them, which would drive up demand!

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    • So, the way people talk, the 20 year "supercycle" ended in one week ! Amazing...All you need to do is go back in history to the industrail rise of Japn in the 60's-70's ...I'd expect no less of a cycle from China / India's rise...

      Some very short term thinkers in here ...People say they think "long term", but if they hit a bad 3 week patch, ...well, "it's all over / end of the game"....need to analyze the "psychology" of short term "pain".

      I have commented in the past, concerning the new APR 05 IO contracts, coal contracts, etc of RIO / BHP ...and yes, you are correct...those "numbers", earnings will NOT began to show up until LATE SUMMER AND BEYOND

      - i.e. perception rules over reality right now ...but SOON, once the new contract earnings begin to APPEAR, well, many (analysts) will jump back on the horse's back...I almost get a kick out of the "sad people" with near sighted vision - but I hope that some in here can look out more than a week or a month...YOU HAVE TO LOOK OUT FARTHER THAN THAT. MY BETS ARE ON CHINA / INDIA GROWTH FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS, with periods of pullbacks...don't get thrown off the horse.

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      • I often wish that one would have to sign up for either a trader board or an investor board. Get a kick how some of these posters that were saying "40 is in sight" now can't see the bottom. I know that we all purchase stocks with a profit motive, but do we really believe that any stock investment will go straight up? Heck, the market as a whole does not rise forever, but has periods of consolidation and sideways digestion of gains.
        Anyone here unhappy with the BHP price move over the last 12 months? My due diligence on BHP gave me comfort in the management...both middle and upper..., the future market for their products, and the breadth of the natural resources they produce. Maybe some of the "moaners" on this board should use 5% sell stops? Or sell anyday they have a profit and hope they can buy back during a sell-off. Churn their account and feed the brokerage houses commissions.
        Also, IMHO, China will NOT do anything to chance the Olympics being a showcase event. Keep up the meaningful posts danntx and others. off.

      • thanx for a voice of reason...I look to add during these pullbacks....

      • when do they report?

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