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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Dec 14, 2009 12:12 PM Flag


    trading 6x book, 6.2 peg and 32 forward p/e. Arent we a bit overvalued here. Look at aluminum co's like CENX or AA and they are nowhere this overvalued. I love this co. I was a fool to sell it in the 30's way back when. But is it overvalued now, especially since commodities have been the flavor of the month for 2 or more months now. There are these things called pullbacks, yuh know. Plus the steel and aluminum co's waaaaaaaay above their 8 and 20ma. That always signals a dangerous time to buy metals. I wonder if I could wait and get this at 68.

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    • Is the $ under value better ?

      The Chinese should read this artical:

      666—Not Just a Puzzle

    • I forgot to ask where you got you forward P/E ratio from?? It's just a guess based on several things, (most notable earnings) anyway, but I think your figure is off by quite a bit.

      Hell, by next year BHP Billiton Ltd.,(or BHP.AX) may have bought all the shares of PLC. That would shock you denominator in the eps computation!!!! HaHa!
      I see your thinking, but if you ever see that entry price ($68) again, I will be shocked. I truly beleive that when we finally shake through the $75 resistance level, we'll be chasing $80 for a while. All JMHO.



    • Go back and analyze the Annual Report and the Notes to the Financial Statements @ 6-30-09, especially the Income Statement. Examine the several non recurring "exceptional" items like, e.g., the write-off of Ravensthorpe.

      Then consider that BHP with a fiscal YE took the whole brunt of the recession in one reporting year. You will find the "static" P/E ratio is SOMEWHERE in the neighborhood of $16-17 in a real, meaningful sense of Income. You can't trust yahoo's figures, or hardly anyone else's. You have to do your own due diligence.

      The P/E estimate is a snapshot in time using "Old" net income and O/S shares for with today's SP also. Who knows what the forward P/E really is??????

      Also consider the current, and, debt to equity ratio's. Finally think about the on going growth of BHP.
      See what you think then.
      Just offering the way I see things FWIW.



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      • issues bonds over sea sounds but not @ home anybody know why?

        Anybody wonder why a breakfast that used to cost $1-$2 now cost about $5-11$ oh wait I know the CPI X's out food and energy, what?

        Just a while back people where screaming because of three dollar fuel now "par for the course" or perfunctory?

        $100/bbl next? Oil rulesQ!

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