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  • elmojitogatico elmojitogatico Feb 20, 2010 11:43 AM Flag

    Dark Energy and Dark Matter

    Dark Energy and Dark Matter

    In 1998, researchers analyzing light from a special kind of supernova, or exploding star, found evidence that the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating! At first, the scientists were skeptical, but evidence soon mounted. Naturally, they wanted to know what form of energy was causing the accelerating expansion. For one thing, it seemed to be working in opposition to gravity; and for another, it was not predicted by present theories. Appropriately, this mysterious form of energy has been named dark energy, and it may make up nearly 75 percent of the universe!
    Dark energy, however, is not the only “dark” oddity discovered in recent times. Another was confirmed in the 1980’s when astronomers examined various galaxies. These galaxies, as well as our own, appeared to be spinning too fast to hold together. Evidently, then, some form of matter must be giving them the necessary gravitational cohesion. But what kind of matter? Because scientists have no idea, they have called the stuff dark matter, since it does not absorb, emit, or reflect detectable amounts of radiation. How much dark matter is out there? Calculations indicate that it could make up 22 percent or more of the mass of the universe.
    Consider this: According to current estimates, normal matter accounts for about 4 percent of the mass of the universe. The two big unknowns—dark matter and dark energy—appear to make up the balance. Thus, about 95 percent of the universe remains a complete mystery!

    A Never-Ending Quest...

    *** Awake! August 2009 pp. 17-18

    A Universe Full of Surprises ***

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      Black birds play flutes hams beryl play the dupes

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      If we get a cross both agreed stop mad scientism’s need for greed
      Yes indeed

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      Frantic sly sci I know invent sci fi
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      Two weeks
      oh mom that reeks

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      ~ ~
      o 0

    • Go and be GAY and USELESS on another board...!!! That goes for all your friends too !!! Losers!!! This stock is heading for $100 unless they announce a split which is about 25% likely.

    • Read the mole in ground so cold should not have been sold
      Problem here it goes to the bone request quest give me that phone
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      So goes the tail of the funnies for dummies
      Now go out and buy some gummies

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      Z yelled you’ll not get your desert set odometer to zero all rights reserve

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