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  • elmojitogatico elmojitogatico Apr 10, 2010 10:45 AM Flag

    Dark Energy and Dark Matter

    And so the stogie marches as perfecto macchiato arches

    While sly looks on yearning sci fi keeps the sterling
    Doves up at night watch sci fi sly sci so what with sigh
    Butterfish waits for drawing hey whets the spawning

    Mad explains a need a need not be treed
    A bull a doser spurns turns learned because of burns on urns
    All blame sci fi wi fi hi fi tri chi Y mea U wait & C’s fiddled D’s with glees

    Regulation aired by members profession rabbits in chorus sign no concession
    From near tees parrots flap the willies
    Perfecto macchiato don’t be silly hill billy

    Squirmiest looking for restrooms mad sorry mess rooms
    Fifo slumping while doggy dumping
    Poodle who doodles exclaims no fame for the lame

    Donkey trivially cantering across the floor in pajamas
    Heading for bathroom pattering oo wheres the damas
    Peanut gallery of skunks ready set elephants trunks

    Pan handling pandas ok whose turn to call nanas

    Then from fame came rangoon raccoon builder of pontoon
    Perfecto mojito swaying from weighing boyish cowl at noon
    Helped by tycoon raccoon from ragoon at noon

    If we get a cross both agreed stop mad scientism’s need for greed
    Yes indeed

    <-, ->

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