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  • mikehunt84666 mikehunt84666 Sep 26, 2006 7:10 PM Flag

    'My very personal opinions'

    It is a good thing they are since the opines by velcrow are otherwise not worth a shit. Wonder what happened today. After hours means nothing. It should go lower for the near term with some light institutional selling and tax loss hits. I am hoping it goes below 12 and closer to 10. Then I buy and hold.

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    • The large gaps up and down are interesting. You would never see this on a "liquid" stock. I truly feel that we will all wake up one morning and see this thing fade into the sunset. Hopefully the "independent appraisal" of the value is objective. Regardless of velcrokid's self-valuation, I don't have any question that we are way udervalued at current levels.

    • mike, I guess we all have to listen to crap on these boards so velcrokid gets his time but I would like to see him explain his pumping here for the last three years and also how a three hundred lot share a half hour into trading had the biggest spike up of the day--300 shares--less than $3k. Talk about a thinly-traded stock! If only I could believe in the stock then I could control the market!! What a head trip. Today 2142 shares traded. That in itself is interesting since most broken lots are in fifty share increments but 42? Total trades today at closing price would amount to just over $30k. Thinly traded? Well, I guess.