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  • A1PROFITEER A1PROFITEER Aug 31, 2005 1:02 PM Flag

    New INFO

    HI all,

    Cedar vs Melbourne
    Min pay $13.67 $8.50

    Family Plan $48/mo $220/mo

    Cost of Liv 4% 0%

    Raises $4 to 5% 0% to 3%

    Pension YES NO

    Voice in WP YES NO

    I'm with Cedar. How about you? Many of us have extra cards. Just ask and your in.

    Speaking of the card... The card serves one purpose, it is a way that the IBEW Organizers can let the NLRB know when they have enough people signed up for a vote.

    YOU ARE NOT A UNION MEMBER by signing this card. Once the Union is voted in then you choose whether or not you want to be a member. The CARD is simply an acounting tool to communicate with the governments NLRB.

    Bye all
    Have a great week

    The Captain

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    • Hey Craptain .......are you somehow insinuating that Melb. WILL have the same ???? Promises , promises , promises .....but the FACTS remain that YOUR IBEW has a pretty shitty track record in FL.....very shitty indeed......but the big boys still got their dues/checks anyway !!!! thats all that matters huh !!!....thats good lazy work huh !!!.......The point is mute if your lemmings let it happen .......bye bye Melb. jobs .........

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      • The "captain" has been touting that info as "fact" practically since he got on here. Even in Coralville, they don't have the same contract. What we've been getting from Scott is more fact than the "captain" cared to post. Real facts cannot be argued with. A 7% contract efficiency rate is laughable.
        FYI to "captain"....that rumble you hear is not thunder, but DAY SHIFT telling the union to GET LOST. We don't need you, or any of your ilk. I'll gladly wear my Rockwell T-shirts to show my loyalty.

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