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  • ceres138 ceres138 Oct 2, 2005 2:22 PM Flag


    is anyboby posting here that would argue that wages are too low at RC, to make up for the cost of living in this area. We ain't making it with 1980's wages. (Don't get excited, I meant to say 'ain't'). Thats a known fact, a done deal. Thus we need a union.

    Can anyone argue that losing our pension is not a good thing? I don't think anyone can. Thus we need a union.

    When we get our merit increases, don't we usualy have an increase in our insurance to eat it up? Sure we do. I know it and you know it. We need to make a change here. Can we talk to Scott, and bring about a change? Nope. The only option left to us is to enlist the help of the IBEW, we need strength through collective bargaining, we need strength through solidarity. The workers need a voice, or we will be on our way back to the sweatshops of the 30's and 40's. Don't doubt it for an instant, Corporation America would go there in a heartbeat if they could.

    I am not worried about any by laws or rules, hell, we should be used to them if we are employed, there are always rules. These rules protect our jobs. I've heard people say that 'if a union comes in here, we can't help each other in different areas, hockey! We negotiate anything we want into a contract.
    If we want to be that flexable, we can. Its up to us.

    But a contract is a contract, it is legally binding and it must be adhered to, thats why some people seem to get into trouble, they think they have a right to go against the 'rules' of that contract because they know better than the negotiating team and the lawyers, both company and union. Not so. It wouldn't be much of a contract if it could be broken by anyone.

    And once again, please understand, signing cards does not give any legal power to anyone, it is only to let the NLRB know who is for a vote. They must have numbers before they can sanction a vote. How else can we do it? Phone calls? Like that would work. There is nothing legally binding with the cards. If anyone tells you that it is, They are either lying to you, or have their facts wrong.

    With all the things that need changing at work, we need to work together as a team as we always have, thats why our product is in high demand, because WE put the quality there. I'm proud to be part of Rockwell Collins, I have been for a long time and will be for a little longer, BUT, I will do everything in my power to make changes where they should be made, up to and including wearing my neon green IBEW shirt, and getting all the cards signed that I possibly can, and getting the IBEW in here at Collins. I am not going anywhere else, as Scott has suggested so often, I belong here. But if there is anyone who really cannot abide the IBEW coming in, well, maybe its time for you to leave.

    Another member of the VOC team
    Voluntary Organizing Comm.

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    • WORD !!!!!!

    • Thats only two things, friend.

    • The factory has changed for the worse in the past 10 years.Why should Collins pay $10.00 per hour when all other electronic companies are at $5.50 to $8.00..Union or not..The cost of living has risen out of sight here in Melbourne and we do need an adjustment. Not just the new hires, but across the board. No matter how long you have worked here or your job title. Everyone is important at there jobs to make the company profitable.

    • Doubt that. Re-read our posts. We have far differing views on most things. Most obvious, the union.....and Santa Claus. :-)

    • WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE! I'm sure we would agree on most things. We are co-workers you know.

    • Wonders never cease.....I finally agree with you on something. Can't wait for the next election and be rid of George-duh-ya Bush.

    • Bravo, spoken like a true republican. I wish they'ed give a lot of money if it would help to get a democrat back in office, the whole country is tired of George W. Bush. Even most of the reuublicans I know.

    • >If James is as you say an investor,<

      Not only am I an investor, but I am a former IBEW member that was put out of work by the IBEW political contributions. How would the workers in MLB feel knowing that they will be sending money to a union that will give money to a politician that will put them out of a job? It has happenned before. How many time do unions have to give money to politicians that will work to put union workers out of a job. Note that the IBEW represents power plant workers and the IBEW gives money to politicians that will work to close down power plants. The UAW gives money to politicians that push for laws to ban private ownership of firearms, but guess what UAW member make other than cars (hint: Colt, Remington, Springfield to name a few). So think when you vote for the pie in the sky claims of the 'Salts'. Have them show you in writing the proof that they WILL deliver on their promises. Don't take their claims on faith. Have them show you the facts. If they don't get their way, will the LU call a strike and will the Texas and Iowa LU follow them, or will they decide they like their jobs better.

    • If James is as you say an investor, thats great. If he set up this message board, thats better. You do not need to beg my pardon, I give it freely.
      Facts are, he is not employed by Rockwell Collins Melbourne, I am, we are the workers and whether we bring a union in or not is not up to him. Or you. I don't feel that I have to explain anything to him, sorry, thank you, mon general.

      You talk about the Union 'salt' as if it were a bad thing, it's not, not to the people that it directly affects, no matter what a handful of the managements yes people say on this board.

      I know the 'Captain' personally, and I have never met a more compassionate caring person in my life. He cares about ALL the people at Collins and is trying hard to make our lot in life better. He's been abused, called every name in the book, talked about, but he still has not been thwarted in his ideals. And I for one thank him.

      Sorry about hurting James' feelings, but its hard to take someone seriously when they have a picture of their butt, with a dildo hanging out of it, posted in their profile for all the world to see.

    • "ceres138," the retired USMC General here.

      You stated: "James, James, James, what possible interest could these facts mean to you? You live in Texas, You're not affiliated with Melbourne Rockwell, except as a disruptor on the web page."

      I beg your pardon! Who do you think originally established this ROK FINANCIAL message board that you are posting on, and for what PRIMARY purpose? If "James" is a Rockwell Collins stockholder or a potential investor, then his questions and comments are welcome to this message board. How much ROK stock do you and "Captain Knot" own? Hello?

      Maybe you should check the real facts in more ways than one! Your fearless leader "Captain Knot" (a union "SALT") did not set up this message board for his, yours, or any other of his recruited misled malcontents for pro-union message postings. Could you please explain to all of us Rockwell Collins stockholders why "Captain Knot" suggested that all of his recruited malcontents post their messages on this particular board? Duh!

      Well, I'll tell you why. "Captain Knot" is an IBEW "SALT" (a trained union organizer and facilitator) and one early phase of any new union �salting campaign� is to raise stockholder concerns and discourage potential investors.

      Semper Fi

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