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  • rockwellcollinsvoc_team rockwellcollinsvoc_team Oct 18, 2005 9:00 AM Flag

    Mail & Award & Charges

    Watch your MAIL BOXES brothers and sisters for a VERY SPECIAL document from the IBEW Organizers. It was mailed Friday or Saturday. It should arrive either today or tomorrow.

    It will help YOU make a decision to sign up as soon as possible.

    Make sure that those not receiving the info in the mail get to read it too and have them call the Local 2088 to get on the mailing list. CALL 459-1400

    We also have cards, self addressed, stamped envelopes available.

    Email us:

    We can meet you after work, during lunch, or break times and you can get the real scoop on where we�re headed and why.

    We are joining with Cedar Rapids and Coralville for the following reasons. Many of you will think of even more, very valuable reasons why we should join, add them to the list.

    We need better pay!

    We can�t pay the bills or save with $.00 to $.35 Raises.

    We need a voice in the work place!

    We need benefits that don�t cost us $220, while Cedar Rapids pays $48!

    We need Cost of Living!

    We need our Pension!

    We need to join together and form our own Local. This will give us the power we need to fix these problems. Your 2000 Brothers and Sisters in the Cedar Rapids and Coralville stand behind 100%. This will be very important when we go to the Bargaining Table.

    Is the ship sinking for management? Why are the HR Managers leaving in Melbourne?

    Maybe their leaving relates to ETHICS.

    I wonder what�s happening with the CHARGES that were filed with the NLRB?

    Keep your eyes peeled to the bulletin boards for announcements regarding the CHARGES.

    Rockwell Collins did win an award from the AFL-CIO and only two companies in the entire country were selected. The award was for the great relationship and partnership between Management and the IBEW Workers at Rockwell Collins.

    Why did the management here in Melbourne do such terrible things to us, to prevent us from joining with Cedar Rapids and Coralville in the IBEW Union? We know that six (6)CHARGES were filed against management in Melbourne. Management only presented one charge on the bulletin board of the six. WHY? Maybe embarrassment!

    Your VOC

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    • My continued history of excellent reviews , numerous e-mails praising my work , my lack of ever being written up .....speak for themselves

      I grow weary of this board .....all that can possibly be said from both camps has been said ....minds are set.......I'll never sign a card , and my vote would be no..........carry on.

    • John:
      kilroy doesn't seem to like you much - you must have scraped him off your shoe at one time. I thought his comment " his illiterate mouth.." was quite pathetic since just prior to that he gave us a taste of his mouth. Talk about halitosis!!! His comments are indicative of his character no doubt - he probably wouldn't have the courage to say these things to your face. In the old days they would say that a man was known by his enemies. If this is your enemy, then John you should be ashamed of yourself - he aint much...sure hope I don't step on him.

    • I know all about John! When he does find out who I am (because I will probably tell him in time because this is way to much fun) he will drop the whole lets get together thing.

      John knows what happened to him the last time he tried to tackle a truck. How was that road rash John? At least he has slowed down his road rage over the last few years. I guess he is finally acting his age. For the most part.

      Bad press is good press only for the Hollywood stars john. Something you are not!

      Everybody stay dry! See you people on Tuesday. You to John. Well have lunch together.

    • "By the way John you do not want to meet me in the context you are suggesting!"

      Don't fret it neysayer, LITTLE john is all mouth.

      This is what RC has paid him to do for all of these years- walk the halls, do no fucking work, and run his illiterate mouth all day whilst he harasses the female workers. What a worthless loser.

      His intent to meet you in person is probably to slip you a date rape drug.

      So be careful, as rumour has it that Queerhouse has rabies from playing with gerbils.

    • Must be nice to take shots anonymously ....pussy.


    • THAT�S IT I WIN!

      John you can thank me later for all of the Mazda commercials you are going to get!


      Its way to easy! But you know it�s so funny that other people think you might be hanging out a little close to the closet! If they only knew some of the stories that come out of your mouth I am sure the �ladies� would stay clear of you! Nobody needs a trip to the free clinic. Melbournite15 might be interested though, john why don�t you 2 get together.

      By the way John you do not want to meet me in the context you are suggesting! Also, you should watch your temper! That ticker of yours is getting kind of, well, old! Not to mention that since there are a few management types that read these posts you might get watched for violence in the work place.

      I know little people usually have a chip on their shoulder so take a deep breath tough guy. That might be hard to do in those shorts you wear.

      By the way, what are tonight�s drink specials at the Cold Keg?

      Also, if your going to type pussified what�s with the %@@$ , @#*# and *#$%^%#? If the words are to hard just sound them out in your head. Just don�t listen to the echo dude, dude, dude!

      Can�t wait to hear from him about this one it should be good.

      Epic fun this is!

    • Ha Ha. Way to try to pick on one of the manliest guys at work. Only you know what? I don't think he'll be offended by this crap. He's confident in his manhood. Unlike some of you jerkoffs. :-)'s gooooolllly, sergeant Carter.
      "Kotter" was the dude from "Welcome back..."
      You stupid douche bag.

    • By the way ,thanks for noticing my shorts ?????? ........fucking creepy fag

    • Thanks for the attention !!!!!!! Bad press is better than no press....even if it's VERY weak ...........anonpussy

      Anyone that knows me ....knows I'm FAR from gay fact , some female VERY close to you probably wanted me to ........never mind your pussy ass makes me giggle .......Keep thinking you're anon.........people at RC LOVE to talk

    • "And John I am not gay! Or bi, so hands off tough guy!"

      Well gooooollly sergeant Kotter!

      Sounds like the BOY with the douche bag fetish has been busted OUT!

      And I never pegged OLDHOUSE for a freaking "QUEER".

      Then again that explains those super duper tight girlyman shorts that he twitches that
      "ASS" around the plant in.

      I guess the ponytail look played itself out with guys under 4ft tall (i.e.Wolfeman).

      Maybe he'll put a brown bag over his head also, to hide that ridiculous receding hairline.

      He'll never get a date at the COLD KEG with that "John the wide receiver" look, even John knows that "TIGHT ENDS" are in.

      -kILROY wAS hERE-

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