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    Come, lord jesus,

    to whom it may concern.

    lord jesus love you
    he know all your plans,
    he has a plan for you,
    he plan to take you into heaven.

    there are 2 billion christians in this world.
    there are 4 billion pagans in this world.
    there are one christian to every two pagans in this world.
    please bring two pagans into the roman catholic church.

    please visit his holiness pope john paul ii at the vatican,
    his holiness will brief you on what to do next.
    do visit asian nations.
    talk to asian leaders about lord jesus christ the son of the living god.

    please write a book on lord jesus.
    which story of jesus you like best.
    produce 12 billion cd.
    give this cd to all mankind.

    read more about jesus.
    hear more about jesus.
    feel more about jesus.
    see more about jesus.
    smell the bread of jesus.

    give a roman catholic bible to all staff.
    give a rosary to all staff.
    give a cd on jesus of nazareth to all staff.
    give a cd on christian songs to all staff.
    give a cd on christian music to all staff.

    invite a roman catholic priest to give a talk on lord jesus.
    open a chapel in all your companies.
    hold healing session for all staff.
    have fellowship with all staff.

    the theory on law of mind, body and soul has been send to cambridge university, london, britain.
    one of its laws state that the universe is made up 75% matter, 24% elements and 1% others.
    man is made up of spirit, soul and body.
    the trinity is made of father, son and holy spirit.

    about 11 multimillionaires commited suicide in chicago recently.
    they could get involve in wine, women and gambling.
    maybe their heart was empty.
    maybe they did not know about jesus's love.
    people should go into the jungle and discover god.

    julius caesar wanted to be worship like a god.
    he destroyed the state of israel.
    he enslaved all mankind.
    he was stabbed to death by 14 roman senators.

    the emperor of babylon behave like an animal for seven years.
    he destroyed the state of israel.
    god gave him a human mind.
    nebuchadnezzar regain his throne.
    he praise god with beautiful words.

    antiochus epiphanes iv punish the jews.
    he ban circumcision.
    he ban the torah.
    he defiled the temple with pig.
    he stop the worship of god.
    he impose foreign culture on jews.
    he died of stomach pain
    his soldiers run away from him.

    man is made up of spirit, soul and body.
    the spirit is for worshipping god.
    the soul is for thinking.
    the body is for working.

    what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loose his own soul.
    without the soul you cannot think.
    without the spirit you cannot pray.
    without the body you cannot work.

    lord jesus said that he has come
    that you may have life
    and life in its abundance.
    without jesus you are nothing.
    you will not rest until you rest in the lord.

    a king dies at 70 years old.
    when you are 12 years old it is time to speak up.
    when you are 21 years old you get married.
    when you are 30 years old start a ministry.
    when you are 50 years old your hair turn white.
    when you are 65 years old it is time to retire.
    when you are 70 years old it is time to die.
    look for god and you will be a better man.
    work for lord jesus the son of the living god.
    there is rewards for you in heaven.

    thank you.

    god bless you.

    mr. Robin donald.

    the st. John charismatic centre,
    no. 5, jalan bukit nanas,
    50250, kuala lumpur.

    date: 22nd, july, 2004.

    what is nccbuscc?

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