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  • jimwelsh111 jimwelsh111 Feb 11, 2013 6:29 PM Flag

    The foundation of DVOX is broken. Know what you are buying before encouraging others to buy.

    If you are betting on DVOX stock to go UP, then you are betting that iPads, Samsung Galaxy's and all on the new technologies are all on their way OUT of existence. Don't be a fool.

    Dynavox is in the business of manufacturing "speech generating devices" and each of their devices cost between $8,500 to $17,000. Basically, a proprietary tablet computer running ONLY Dynvox software. Dynavox speech devices are heavy, buggy, slow, and outrageously expensive. Dynavox's customer support is worse than the cable company. Bad.

    Dynavox has milked Medicare, Medicaid and others for nearly 20 years. All was going well until 2008 when the nightmare happened..... iPad. Add a $99 speech app and you have a SUPERIOR "speech device" in every regard. For $500. Not surprisingly, it was about this time that the leaders of DVOX took the company public, cashed out and RAN for the hills with their windfall.

    No speech therapist, teacher or parent recommends a Dynavox anymore when an iPad with the same/more capabilities (plus the cool factor) is on the table. And it wouldn't matter if Dynavox spends all their remaining cash on R&D for some "secret new product". That would be like "putting lipstick on a pig" as they say.

    Dynavox products are referred to as "Dyna-saurs" by everyone in the field. They are the Sony Betamax. They are are Edsels. They are boat anchors. People with Dynavox's are embarrassed to be seen with them. The largest market today for speech devices is Autism and stroke and at $600 for a complete iPad and speech app package, the market for speech devices has gone over to the consumer market with all the competition that entails. The only market left where Dynvox speech devices are suitable is in the case of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). And that market is a TINY fraction of Dynavox's market pre-iPad.

    You've been warned. I don't care how you analyze this stock. If you build expensive boats that SINK, you have no business being in the boating business. Dynavox is using YOUR investment to buy pails. Good luck.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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