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  • sfbizman2002 sfbizman2002 Jul 25, 2006 10:25 AM Flag


    no the real reason is that a bunch of day traders loaded up for the qtr. when it didnt work they sell no matter what. they have the attention span of a knat. CAG has no bearing if numbers and margins continue to increase.

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    • I've been very actively trading for about 2 years now , since I retired. I've progressed to options. I have evolved to the feeling that many"Analysts" don't know what they're doing and that many "Amateurs" can do a better job. I also feel a subset of these "Analysts" are dishonest & benefit from their "analyses" & they don't get caught because they're small potatoes traders or have a friend do it. I believe that increased advertising costs to get more customers is part of normal business. The questions should be are they? and will they gain market share? It's a great campaign and Marino had put on ~30 lbs over his playing wgt by the way.

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      • Is valuation a concern? Hell why not value stocks at 200x. The growth will slow and this srock needs to shed that excess val. like their clients. This has some more $$ to shed.

      • You're right on re: the analysts. I owned CRDN a few months ago (they make body armor) and with the stock trading at $49, an analyst came out with a "SELL" rating and a $16 target. Of course, the stock was taken apart for a while but in a few weeks, it was back and higher. Seems this analyst was covering CRDN for the first time and also did not cover any other company in the industry. A week later, the company gave good earnings and guidance. I wrote the SEC re: the option activity. There was some heavy buying of the $40 puts in the week prior to his announcement. Looked suspicious to me. Anyway, you have a good handle on the analysts.

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