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  • wwwhead222 wwwhead222 Apr 10, 2008 10:17 AM Flag

    Weak head fake = Buy and Hold!

    Oh no, we're down 60 cents after having risen $5 in two days. Shorts, give it up already - you are messing with the wrong company at this point. Nutrisystem is here to stay. NTRI is PROFITABLE, expanding into new markets and buying back shares hand over fist.

    At this point, time is on the side of those long shares of Nutrisystem! The longer shorts try to hold down the price the more shares the company can buy back at these deeply discounted prices. Let's see how another quarter or two of those Marino/Larry the Cable Guy ads affect the number of new subscribers!

    Shorts, do you really want to wait until other major institutional funds realize just how stuck you are in this position? This week was a taste of blood in the water...the coming weeks could be just as bad. You may as well book your profits now and declare victory. As for this long, I am more than happy to wait it out and see how 2008 goes. We have seen the bottom and are headed higher from here, IMO. Any dips below $20 are just buying opportunities at this point!

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    • Wow, I guess this message touched a nerve...did you see all the bashers pop out of the woodwork right after this post? Bashers really are working overtime today trying to convince others that NTRI is not a great company. Well, sorry bashers, the numbers tell the story - NTRI is VERY PROFITABLE and this company is undervalued.

      I predict we will see mid-20's within a couple of weeks as we near the earnings conference call. Just look at the April 20 calls - even with today's drop to the low 19's those contracts refuse to trade below 50 cents. Option traders are not dumb - they're know this fake selloff on low volume is a bunch of BS. NTRI is heading north this year and those with the patience to sit and hold will be rewarded nicely!

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