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  • dumbo_5000us dumbo_5000us May 20, 2003 4:04 PM Flag

    Margin calls.

    The up volume at the end of the trading day looked like margin calls, IMHO. More tomorrow.

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    • thanks for the reply and the thoughts. regards...

    • When stock is in street name your brokerage house will lend it out, even if you tell them not to. In your name then can't do that and it chokes the shorts. Eventually though, the institutions that are loaning their stock will all it back and a huge process could begin.

      I can't trade my position buy or sell for 90 days. But if there was a terrific squeeze I would sell calls nad trade them, that way avoiding being out of the stock and a much larger gain. But tax-wise you have to figure it on your own. But judging from the last two years lots of folks have loss carry fowards.

      I bought this stock for the science and the future. But if it got ludicrous, which is always a possibility they can have my stock.

      The old high is what $25? If it gets over that in the next few months we can revisit your question. I am not smart enough nor quick enough to run between raindrops. The short interest out next week will be telling.

      FYI. Our stock loan department has 1.5 million shares on loan and is looking for 500,000 more.
      It may be a borrow squeeze and not a short so don't take it as anything but information.

    • Also, everyone thinks shorts cover on the way up on huge volume...not really true...shorts sellers, especially the ones who sell naked keep shorting on the way averaging down...which killed more investors than Hitler!

      You have to remember the 200 day moving average was broken on 5/09 and then the volume spiked..technical buyers get on when it goes above the 100 day and the 150 day..The moving average of the 200 day is now rising and the MACD is getting ready to kick in on the weekly
      average...There are a lot of people who will buy on that signal alone...but from a TA pont of view this stock will have more buyers..

      But the serious institutional holdings of a small company like this with the float small could be hazardous to someones' health..

      The short interest on 5/15 will be interesting if it is about the same...but I bought this stock because of the docs I know like the product and they tossed Bascich and hired someone with a marketing background..

    • 9.209,730 plus calls is the way we look at of 4/24/2003

    • IBL,
      You wrote:
      "As of this morning there was 21,290,000 shares in float, 26,345,000 shares owned by institutions and I would guess around 10,000,000 shares short. "

      Would you please explain how one gets timely short info? NASDAQ posts it about the 25th of each month, but my understanding is that the data applies to a reporting period from the month before, and reported by 15th of the month. So, is there a more current, accurate source of short data?

      The reason I am asking comes from trying to make sense out of recent CPTS price rise which is accompanied by a modest increase in daily volume. It is enough to make me tend to agree with those who think it is shorts covering. But how is one to really know?


    • Thats OK. The response was for another poster.

    • Not really. Too complicated. I never shorted a stock. But thanks anyway for your eforts. Go CPTS!

    • doubtful...I would say the stock is moving onto very strong hands and with JNJ just borrowing a ton of money in the market long term they will be on the prowl for assets......maybe not us but