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  • innsbrooklad innsbrooklad May 20, 2003 4:28 PM Flag

    Margin calls.

    doubtful...I would say the stock is moving onto very strong hands and with JNJ just borrowing a ton of money in the market long term they will be on the prowl for assets......maybe not us but

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    • There just isn't the liquidity for the shorts to cover in this one with half the float sold short. What the heck were these people thinking? My guess is some short squeezer with deep pockets are and will extract a mighty toll on the shorts.

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      • I counted the instititional holdings on my Bloomberg today as of 3/31. I checked with the securities lending guys at my firm. This is not a pretty picture for shorts. There is zero options activity and the market makers are telling folks the buyers are very deep pocketed indeed. Once float gets away from speculative buyers you have no idea where the price may go. Short selling has unlimited liability. After 30 years of this stuff, I would advise real owners to put get their stock out of street name.

        Arrogance is before the fall. You get Ichan or another smart guy involved with the isntitutions I see on the list and you can send in the body bags. Corporate developments are OK, but technically and realistically this is a shorts nightmare.