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  • gamer40 gamer40 Aug 17, 2011 2:38 PM Flag

    Been trying to buy

    for the last half hour and the order won't get filled, yet I see sells less than my bid. My bid is higher than the bid and doesn't even show up. They need to take the crooks out of this market before I put any fresh money into my account. Will stick with buying more physical.

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    • I've had the same thing happen to me multiple times for USSIF. Happened first thing this morning again. I put my order in for .69 though the ticker said the highest bid was .68. Yet it didn't go through.

      So I finally called Scottrade. They told me that my order got routed to Toronto rather than the US pink sheets because there was higher liquidity up there. Scottrade must have an algorithm which makes this routing decision and which, of course, will not always make the best decision. Up in Toronto, however, there were a sufficient number of orders ahead of me at .68 and .69 that by the time my order came up in the cue the ask price had climbed to .70.

      That seemed like a legitimate explanation in terms of market activity and the market maker. The catchya is of course the routing decision made by the Scottrade algorithm.

      Hope that helps.

    • just means you had some kind of conditions on your order that resulted in getting bypassed for a few trades.

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      • I bought an additional 25,000 shares today at .68. I tried for a long time at .67, but no dice.

      • I disagree, I don't know exactly what is happening but I have thrown market orders up on Scottrade and they didn't go through till the price had risen a few cents if I was trying to sell or fallen a few cents if I was trying to buy! IMHO they hold these trades in abeyance until they can buy shares at a better price or have already sold naked shorts and then because of the intentional delay, they scam the small traders out of a few cents. They don't do this to the big boys because they know they are being watched very closely and that the big trades are enough to sue them for. I caught Scottrade in one of their scams and made them buy shares and correct the trade per the instructions. (I had ordered all or none, and they tapped me for 3 trades.)

    • Sorry guys, that was me buying just now @0.687. I've switched my strategy to putting in 5k bids just under the bid to see if they get filled. Will keep doing this until the end of the month. 107.5k shares now and counting.