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  • jbird544 jbird544 Feb 3, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    Pump happened ... the dumping continues

    There have been no real changes here. The Board of Directors recently "threw out" their CEO who owns over 70% of the stock and have not replaced him. Their CFO has no industry experience. Their Board of Directors is a bunch of old guys with no industry experience, motivation, or knowledge how to run a small/staffing company AND now Board members are jumping off the ride (quitting the board) as even they can see it coming to a grinding hault. Let's just sit back and watch the Board fight with the majority shareholder while this company spirals to a crash landing. No wonder the Company tried to do a pump and dump ... to help the majority shareholder to try to get rid of some of his shares (at your expense) before the company crashes. See ya!

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    • Most of the shares purchased since the breakout was above 28 cents....around 5 million shares. If this breaks .25 cents tomorrow...gonna be ugly...avg volume before breakout was way below 100k. Should be interesting. GLTA!

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      • Last week when this was 50 cents I said it would be back to 20-22 cents soon. You have a good point too. May be some big time dumping just to get out and we may break below 19 cents again. I just missed buying 200,000 at 19-20 cents but I hesitated and then the boiler room pump. Will happen again. Always does with these sub-par stocks. If it gets below 19 cents I will probably accumulate.
        Tony----they deleted my original posting as I posted to a spam post......the LT was not a stock symbol but abbreviation for "Long Term". DaninFW

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