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  • jahmahmoud jahmahmoud Apr 27, 2006 10:36 PM Flag

    Stop gas prices going up

    Help lower Gas Prices! Only buy gas, quit buying food and treats. Also take your time filling up (try to streach it out for 15 mins), wash all your windows, make them supply window cleaner and paper. Don't start filling, walk in store, wait in line and then ask where the paper and window cleaner, then go out and fill up. Don't use credit card at pump, go inside, shop around, then don't buy anything else and pay your gas bill, with credit card. Sometimes take cash, big get the picture, they can't survive on 2 cents profit per gallon.

    If each fillup averaged 20 gallons, that would be only 40 cents profit / 15 minutes, or $1.60 per hour per pump. For 10 pumps, thats $16.00 per hour. But if we could get gas back to $2.00 per gal, that would be a savings of $20 dollars for us.

    I'm not really sure of the profit per gallon. But, I heard a news man say it was just a few pennies.


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    • No conspiracy theory. Everything you have has come by truck train or plane. All in front of you thats plastic, all plastic containers that are empty and are now in the landfills, some carpet, vinyl and fake wood floors,clothes,paint,fertilizer,hand tools,book covers,container packaging,cheap working man's furniture covering,tires bumpers, car interiors. You can't do a thing without tying it to oil. Oil has the money and money is power and power controls. They have made a killing off the backs of the people of this country and continue to stick it to us with record company profits with the puppets paying lip service to what they're doing. They'll continue to control no matter who's in office just get the oil people (Bush Cheney Rice) out of office and watch the price of oil come down. They are slapping each other on the back and giving each other hi-fives as they take one 1 or 2 dollars off of every ten dollars you earn. You get to go the the beach as they buy their trophy homes. Wake the F$@%K up.

    • I ride my motorcycle to work every day the weather permits.

    • "Everything is oil related just like the oil companies planned."

      I think you've been watching to many conspiracy movies. ;)

    • That's enough of acknowledging the truth out loud. It's so much easier to blame someone, anyone else.

    • Sell me a car that runs on bull shit and I'll drive it for free as we have enough of it goinjg on now to last our lifetime. Everything is oil related just like the oil companies planned. They got there hand around your nut sack and they're not gonna let go easily.

    • how about just getting the State and Feds to stop taxing the product ... with an average @ 50 cents a gallon tax at the pump.... thats @ ten bucks of tax every time you fill up ..... oh wait ! ... scratch that ... I have heard a number of politicians say we need more tax so we will drive less ... ( they must be right )

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