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  • bull_has_horns bull_has_horns Aug 8, 2011 5:34 PM Flag

    Analysis of today's earnings report...

    ... yielded that there was not much to analyze!

    I was thinking there was be a hint of something positive, something to hang your hat on... but it was the same 'ol same 'ol...

    She probably drifts lower from here, management needs to speak up soon about future prospects or developments to shore up the stock from here. I still see no reason to buy at these levels... YMMV.

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    • It will be interesting to see if this slowly drifts down like it usually does after any good news. As I said in another post, barring any news this will go below $2. I wouldn't be surprised if the news was withheld and it was a trump card that was played. After all, they knew the numbers and had to know that it wasn't going to be received well at the CC.

      As for trading, I suspect there will be another surge before it comes down since there has been a lot of stock trading hands today. Anyone who bought under $2.50 will likely get another selling +$.50 opportunity.


    • Real intelligent Einstein.

      Yes, you are on ignore, you are obviously not here to add any value to the board.

      Good luck to you on your... errr... bashing career!

    • Dear Bull, Are you talking to me.
      by all means put me on ignore. you are a waste of my time. IDIOT !

    • smart

    • Thanks for verifying, you are just a basher.

      No, I was looking for you to say something intelligent, and tell us what your sentiment was on the stock. But I don't think you took your time to read my post. Bashers don;t.

      Again - what is your call now that this news is out? What does the next month of tradin hold?

      I will give you one more chance before putting you on ignore.

    • Looking for a fight are we ?
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    • if you do not like txcc what are you doing here please reply

    • The call I made was based on no news if you read it... and the fact they projected no additional revenue for quite some time.

      Now they have news, but still don't have any additional revenue planned for a while. They did not say exactly when and more importantly by how much this would impact the bottom line - so it's not a done deal yet. It could still drift lower when this initial "news" momentum trade dies off. Look at the charts, it happens all the time with this stock. Sometimes announcing things TOO soon can have a longer term negative impact, as you can see from the volume and current price. Many have already sold the news for a nice short term profit.

      So the stock is up .50 on the excitement of the news, but once the realization that the financial situation is really no different for the next 6-9 months than it was yesterday, it could drift down to $2.50 again. Easily. At that point, and in a few months, I will think THEN about going long. Nothing has been proven yet, one day does not make the trade. More time is needed to see how this plays out - any more news? Any more customers? Can we peg it closer to exactly when and how much we can expect to the bottom line?

      Those who bought at $3.45 could be disappointed short term, they are already down almost 20%.

      BTW, where did you come from, have not seen you before on the board? Why don't you make a call - where is she going from here? Will it continue up, or drift down? Stick your neck out, or is that not your M. O. and you are just a basher??

      I may be looking to go long after the this excitement trade dies off - as you can see $2.85 is already well off the highs...

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