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  • ochsnerbier ochsnerbier Jan 31, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

    Meaningless Machination

    As I have mentioned before, on low volume the computer program controls this stock and engages in figurative onanism. Chase the stock price up, chase it down, and end up with much ado about nothing. I will be so happy to see some news that will generate enough volume to chase this twerp away. Geeeezz!


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    • Ochs:

      Don't give it a 2nd thought. Wait for the CC. Unless Ali has been lying (very low probability but one can never be sure) there should be good news on designs and production orders coming up.

      LTB orders should start trickling in now.

      Good luck.

      New Merc

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      • New Merc,

        I agree it is a very low possibility that Ali is lying, but he could have been terribly wrong. Either way, I am locked into TranSwitch. It is kind of a "for better or for worse" kind of thing. Given the latest filing, it is understandable that the stock is down from its recent foray above a buck. The dilution and the announcement that the patent sales were not going well were negatives. To put some perspective on today's almost 6% drop, the dollar volume, as I write this, is equivalent to trading 400 shares of Apple. Big deal!


    • will you also be happy when Txcc has a business plan that will create enough revenue so thatl
      the many dilutions to shareholder equity will ever stop under CEO ALI.
      shareholder dilutions which is are paying the high salaries in management.
      How long should these dilutions in investor equity continue with (BOD blessings) to pay for failed business/products , how many dilutions has there been in last couple years 4, 5, 6,. do you known

    • It's been happening long enough that it's probably related in some way with the company dumping shares to stay in business.

      Remember when they did a reverse split back in Nov 09? In three years they have basically doubled the amount of shares while cutting the share price from $3 to $1.

      Be careful of what you wish for as the news might not be good.

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