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  • callclairegreen callclairegreen Mar 23, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

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    You are right wsill the Reply button doesn't work. The only way I can post is to start a new thread.

    Anyway, I find it odd that other than the "design win" announcements, which don't have revenue numbers or estimates, nothing has been said by management about the collapse of the stock price over the last fifteen months and no mention of the patent sale that was supposed to help keep the company afloat. Are they sandbagging us and things are better than we think or do they subscribe to the theory that "no news is good news"? If they have no cash from patent sales and cannot sell shares to Aspire at current price levels, what else is left? Chairman Lynch talked about TranSwitch needing a strategic partner to achieve the scale necessary to succeed, maybe that has been and is in the works. The stark reality that I could lose six figures in this stock is troubling, to say the least.


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    • Ochs,
      While I agree that management didnt lay the specific numbers out on a silver platter for investors on the last C.C., if you roll up your sleeves and do some detective work on what Ali said you can come up with a ballpark estimate of what these recent design wins might be worth.

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      • we can play guessing games or throw out a number...i interpreted from the CC transcript that it was hundreds of thousands for Q1 revenue (or 200% QOQ growth) whichever makes the audience feels better.

        Is that in the ballpark of what you are suggesting? TXCC indicated that Q1 revenue will be 'in line' with Q4 which indicates less IP / Telecom rev and a bump in HD play rev to offset the decrease.

        Looking ahead, they are really holding their breath for a huge Q3/Q4 to reach the $40MM rev target they stick to....

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