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  • altrfan altrfan Apr 2, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    Bosi talk...

    I went ahead and took the suggestion I gave to Ochs and called Bob Bosi. Stunning as it may seem the big guy picked up the phone himself. I am not going to say what transpired because I didn't ask permission to comment on what I view is a private conversasion, also considering he picked up the phone and willinging discussed questions asked w/o having a clue as to the bozo was he happened to be talking to.

    What I will say is call him if you want to. I will also say, subtle and inscrutabal as I may be when giving my views on this here forum is that I have presented two different POV's (perhaps leaning more one way than the other) on recents events and that his comments reflected far more in one direction that the other. I will also say that I will probably be buying a few more shares very soon....obviously I am not pleased, but I have always viewed TXCC as an HD**** investment. Guess I'll find out.

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    • This is the same type of post MrLucky used to write. I haven't kept up with who is who, but I can say this. I have seen posts about people calling Das, Ali, etc., for a decade and every time, this stock collapsed. Different name, same horrible advise. Hope isn't an investment strategy. Run, don't walk from this stock. It's poison and the only reason people want you in it is because misery loves company.

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    • shane_w_sutton Apr 3, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

      I've been thinking about dumping all my TXCC Stock. It is been taking a huge beating without sign of recovery.

    • wsill,

      Valid point of course, but anyone buying shares in a company that has going concern issues has to find a reason.... There should be a press release soon on the closing of this latest dilution. I will be interested to see what, if any comments are made by Ali. I will also look at the SEC filings to see if any insiders bought. One question I did not specifically asked Bosi was whether the company is now confident that they have raised the needed cash ($5-6 million) to get them thru. However, looking at what was raised during Q1 that would appear to be the case. I will note that the latest stock offering was over subscribed, so there were plenty of people willing to put up cash. I don't know, nor did I specifically ask , was whether Zack's called TXCC, but I got the impression they didn't. Something I found interesting (and positive) were Bosi's responses to what I considered off hand remarks by me. While I asked questions, a couple rather pointed it was overall a conversation. I think internally they are very confident.....but obviously the stock market doesn't share that view.

      I bought in to TXCC because I think HDplay/mobile will be successful. Nothing has changed in my view there. I continue to think the day to day has been handled not very well. One item I always keep in mind is that TXCC is getting in the $5 range for a HDplay chip right now. In a $500 TV or projector that is 1% of the cost. TXCC is simply a part of the solution and is treated as such by their customers. This is neither good nor bad, it simply is.

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      • altrfan,

        I have sensed the same confidence from Dr. Ali for a long time. Wsill made an analogy of Bosi as a used car salesman, which is not all bad given their perilous financial situation. Whatever happens ultimately, I believe in the sincerity of their effort and in their belief that they can pull this off. If you think about it, they have convinced a lot of investors/financiers that HDPlay will prove a success. There was the direct placement, followed by another facility that I can't remember, followed by Aspire, and finally the latest sale of 8 million plus shares with 4 million warrants. The longs here are not the only ones who have drunk the Kool-Aid.


    • altrfan,

      I agree, Bob Bosi is a great guy and incredibly accessible. I think that Dr. Ali sets the tone for that. I need to buy another 4K tomorrow to get to 100K. Thanks for your renewed faith in the company. Whatever happens, these guys are straight shooters.


    • Personally, I think that adding more shares based on a phone conversation with a high ranking member of a company is a bad idea. It's like relying on a used car salesman to sell you the best car available on the lot.

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