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  • myownstimulusplan myownstimulusplan Aug 14, 2013 6:23 PM Flag

    Who knows

    I wonder why if the markets are so promising and the products so unique it is so hard to arrange financing.??? Millions of dollars are out there looking for a home are the investors and lenders blind or is all this wishful thinking?? Who knows, I am going down with the ship I do not not want my money back at this level.

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    • News today , Infocus a real big player will actually de pend on TXCC to be part of their newest important product. That a major player will contract with TXCC has to be considered a major confirmation of the importance of the product and faith that TXCC will actually get financing and be able to deliver. I guess we live to fight !!!!! Good job.

    • myown,

      I am with you, in fact I may buy some more. It is the masochistic side of me. :-)


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      • Ochs-

        I had recommended you to buy more as the price erodes further. Mortgage the house and all your assets as tomorrow you will get more shares than you did today. Collecting txcc shares is like collecting Pete Incaviglia rookie cards. At some point you will own a million shares where you can get absolutely nothing for them. Thanks for listening to my advice.

        I learned today that their 'strategic alternatives' include further diluting the company so they can get their fat paychecks even longer. Ali is a good speaker, and b/c of that reason the stock will be continually bought for less and less.

        I sold my shares after the BB news. Thanks to that individual for posting it...

      • As long as they can get enough financing to keep going, the stock should stay where it is. It's too low to short, and it's too late to sell, so there won't be much selling pressure in the next few weeks.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Ochs, you need a shrink. Seriously. Just because they are nice to you on the conf calls does not mean they aren't lying their #$%$ off. In the meantime, please provide me a list of all of your positions so I can take the opposite side of the trade. Someone should make money on your selections.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • I don't see it holding $.40 tomorrow. What is your near term guess? That earlier $.22 number suggested a few months ago may unfortunately become realistic.

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