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  • snobordnutt snobordnutt Mar 31, 2012 6:28 AM Flag

    AH's Short Covering

    AH's covering has pushed the PPS to $2.13. A cover is a borrowed share paid for not a match where a share is exchanged consequently no additional shares are added to the count? Could be something is up.

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    • can you please tell me how much shares are traded in after hours friday?

      Thank you a lot!

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      • Here you go Jo. Look at the last chart. If the link is not complete go to the chart url click on it and fill in vrml and then you are off to the races. Scroll down to the last chart and it shows the days trading. The short position has dropped considerably to little or nothing. usually a signal the bottom or bad news is baked in as of that day. its less than its been since the fall started months ago. hang around and see if the Institutional boys haven't received a wink or a knod to cause their exit quietly. Any increase in volume as the hedge manipulates even more to hold it will be the signal that something that will move the PPS is in the works. Stay tuned.

      • jo look at those links in the previous post. The nasdaq link shows AH's trading. If the link doesn't go thru type in the ticker. it shows no actual trades. The only shares that end up in a share count is when an actual trade takes place with a buyer and seller of a share. When a share is borrowed or paid for there is no exchange of shares therefore no share is counted. Yet if you look at the actual after hour price on Yahoo it has it listed at $2.13 signaling a creep in the PPS.

        I don't have the count of short shares covered for AH's. Maybe someone does. It may or may not be revelant. The numbers should be very minimal but is quite unusual for someone covering at the high of the day as opposed to earlier in the low 1.90's could have been accomplished? On another thought it could be someone wanted out and saw a better candidate to go after?

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