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  • nowbehere111 nowbehere111 May 4, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    Shareholders-Need To Know

    This just out from Blue Cross-Its a long read but here is the bottom line-" Whether OVA1 or ROMA improves the net outcome in the investigational setting has NOT been demonstrated. Based on the above, multianalyta testing of adnexal masses does not meet the TEC criteria." TEC is Blue Cross Technical Evaluation Center.

    Does NOT look like approval from insurers nor possibly ACOG!

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    • Read the article and it came out 4/8/13 right around the time we bottomed. It doesn't say that insurers won't cover OVA1. In fact over 25 BC/BS already cover OVA1. It also doesn't mean new guidelines won't being coming out from ACOG for OVA1 and pre-surgery diagnosis. What they said was the other methods like ultrasounds might handle diagnosis for pre-surgery and a significant advantage may not be provided by using ROMA or OVA1. They still talk about the success rate versus CA125 and the high percentage rate of detecting cancer in the mass.

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      • I did read the whole statement, all last night. 4/8/2013 is fairly recent thinking to my mind. I really don't know how much effect this could have on ACOG decision towards guidelines. Good point about the timing of BC/BS statement and the pps rising. The street seems to discount their statement. Health insurance organization's always seem to just say no first then come around later. I do think ACOG is key here, without their guidelines insurance is not going to pay. Where did you get that 25 BC/BS already cover OVA1?

    • If u need website let me know how to post it without yahoo censoring it!

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