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  • cheq_your_move cheq_your_move Feb 27, 2002 3:35 PM Flag

    quick OT answers

    Plutothecat. Joan will not allow me to post her picture. I can tell you she has auburn hair and hazel eyes. When taking a stroll along the beach, they are deep blue because of the reflection of the sky. At night, the candle light brings out the green in them. She is 5'-2" and around 100 pounds. She is perfect in my eyes and no picture could do her justice anyway.

    Newtoboard. I am in San Deigo, one of my favorite Cities and maybe the most beautiful City on the west coast. Burlington is near Raliegh and Durham and is in proximity to most major furniture manufacturers. That is what I did most of my life. I was, and still am in a consulting capacity, in the furniture business.

    I must go now as Joan is rubbing the back of my neck. I think my posts today met the 3 a day stipulation. I assume content is not important in the initiation stage?

    Have a good day.

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    • Lib, if my memeory serves me right, before the annual meeting we usually see a slight increase in the share price.

      Quit playing the difficult one here, you know you like sports, jump on the band wagon, give us some thoughts. If you graduated from a college/university surely you at least follow their sports programs? There's more to life than just stock talk my friend.

      Take it easy Lib,


    • If you are a Liberatarian, you must go here...

      General, I quit eating red meat because I was as big as a barn... Triple Cheeseburgers, 24 Oz T-Bones, etc. were definately heavenly...

      But, you (I) can't do something half-a$$ General... You gotta commit, and do it all the way, or no way...

      I like chicken, ribs, salmon, Shushi (not sushimi) and most everything except SPAM... I don't eat SPAM or Greasy Burgers any more...

      I like my 34 waist more than the urge for a burger...

      Have a good one...


    • Persh,

      I predict ABT will go to $60 shortly after breaking through $58. There is severe technical resistance at $58. There will also be resistance at $60, but once it gets through there, a lot of the sellers that sell at these key resistance points will be purged from the system and not be selling at these levels. I thought this week would get us through $58. Maybe next week.

      I have learned my lesson about buying techs on the way down. It's the old "catch a falling knife" scenario. People think that CSCO at $14 is really cheap. But it used to split all the time when it was overvalued. Take away those splits and it's trading at $28 or $56 or $112. So a low price doesn't correspond to a stock necessarily being cheap.

      It's up to you guys to keep the board smokin today with RELEVANT posts. Maybe MTG or Lucy will appear to generate some excitement. Go ABT bulls.

    • Lib,

      If you keep your ABT you won't be tempted to buy more CSCO, so yes, it does help. However it does not look like it's going to make you any money at least not in the near future.

      When is it going to $60? Heh, heh, EOY 2001.


    • Plute,

      Great point. I forgot that Persh is trying to drum up business for AMSG.

      Regarding CSCO at $11. I sure hope not because I'm riding it down and hating it. When it was $20, I knew it was going to $30. Now it has to double to get to $30. It's hard to find stocks that double. If it goes to $11, it will have to almost triple to see $30. It's hard to find stocks that triple. Sometimes my buffoonery with these tech stocks amazes even me. But ABT bails me out.


    • That's a good one Plute, anything to help the AMSG stock price!!


    • Thanks Hope, won't worry about it next time.


    • Newby/Lib- You guys got to remember Persh is continually beating the drum for know their moneymaker? So next Persh will offer you the AMSG Outhouse Special at $699.99 to clean your colon of that $12.99 Outback Special Steak...I think it's Kangaroo! Throw another Shiraz on the barbie Persh!BTW- Revise my Buy on CSCO to $11 as I see questionable accounting in the future.

    • MTG used to catch people on sp, grammar until
      Persh got him on quit, quite and quiet...he did all wrong in one memorable day of posting.

    • Ooops, two mistakes. Want instead of went, and think instead of thin.


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