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  • newtoboard2002 newtoboard2002 Mar 16, 2002 12:12 AM Flag


    Lib, they did it, they beat Knight and Texas Tech, season record 27th win. Go Salukis!!!
    Hey, you have got to be proud.


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    • Persh,

      I don't know why you downplay D2E7, which will be at least $1 billion. Atrasenten is supposed to be big too. Is $1 billion not a blockbuster?


    • Persh,

      I was going to explain to you why ABT would go up in the next 9 months, but Plute did it far better than I could. So if you'd like my take on it, read Plute's again.


    • D2E7 approval!!!


    • Plute,

      Investors are very nervous about overpriced ABT, so insignificant news from Italy is not well received.

      As far as accurate predictions...well, I said there was little reason to think this stock would reach $60 EOY '01, now I doubt ABT will
      get over $60 by June. I did sell ABT a little early but reinvestments have been profitable and I am doing better than had I kept ABT. Recalculation of my numbers reverses a previous post, BTW.

      As for industry "pipelines" they seem unimpressive. Where are the "blockbusters" of former years? Zantac, Viagra, Claritin, etc, I don't see them.

      My Vivus (VVUS) is up nicely. AMSG steady at $25/26

      Kansas did not look good, does Stanford have a chance? Maybe.


    • Persh- First let me put to rest the high volume on Friday.As certain posters know I called the close "above $54" when ABT was down over $2 on high volume.I interpreted this as a knee-jerk reaction by nervous nellies who when they heard the Italian panic on Reductil said SELL ask questions after. When I realized this was smoke I knew the institutions would BUY on dips signaling a safe entry point.ABT closed $54.01.I received usual attacks by MTG when I posted but of course no ack when my prediction came true. As for selling, I told you I sell a litle ABT each year when I suspect a temporary top with leveling for a while.I sold at $57.93 but expect it will follow it's normal after AM cycle and move over $62 before June.Next split will be in 2003 at $76.Positive news is CONSISTENT EARNINGS,FDA release of certain drugs and most important the best pipeline in the pharma industry!Also techs will remain dead for another 9-12 months so Healthcare is where to be.Getting ready for DUKE win over IRISH.KU-STANFORD will end my 9-hrs of March Madness. Check Six

    • Newby,

      Thanks for the info. I did not know that.

      MTG reminds me of Bobby Knight. I don't mind diverse opinions. I actually enjoy them. Nobody gets mad at Persh and he's an ABT bear. But this lunacy with MTG just is not fun. Remember that saying. "Don't argue with a fool. An outsider can't tell who the fool is." I'd like to see the whole board put him on ignore. Or if they are going to read his posts, at least stop responding to them. Behavior that is ignored will go away.

      Thanks Newby.


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