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  • newtoboard2002 newtoboard2002 Apr 7, 2002 1:24 PM Flag


    Lib, here is split history.

    Split Distribution Date Ratio Unadjusted
    Closing Price Adjusted Closing Price
    for all subsequent splits
    4/27/1964 3:1 $112.25 $0.29
    8/25/1975 2:1 $69.75 $0.54
    5/22/1978 2:1 $64 $1.00
    5/29/1981 2:1 $55.75 $1.74
    5/30/1986 2:1 $92.50 $5.78
    5/31/1990 2:1 $74.875 $9.36
    5/29/1992 2:1 $66.625 $16.66
    5/29/1998 2:1 $74.1875 $37.09


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    • Persh, yes we do. This is the good old U.S. of A. after all. I will agree with you whole heartedly on one subject you mentioned. Child pornography can not be tolerated at all, in any form, on the web, in magazines, anywhere. Those jerks should be dealt with, and with no room for plea bargains, settlements, anything.


    • Newby, you are right, of course, but don't we need some niche where we can do as we please?


    • Newby-Have you ever figured how complicated it is when you sell ABT shares which you accumulated over 40 years? How do you establish cost basis or can you average as in a fund? The IRS does not challenge cost basis often but it could be costly unless you can prove what year shares were obtained.Any suggestions?

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      • No idea Plute. I do know that when you retire from ABT they give you a statement on shares you have in the 401K.

        Shares purchased outside is where I would be stuck.


      • I've been reading the messages on this board for about a year and enjoy reading most messages. However, I'm an Abt employee and work in an area involved with FDA. I have not posted before since Abt probably monitors this board and I prefer to keep my job than possibly give out sensitive information. However, I can contribute to your question. An excellent tax source is Just post any tax questions on their message board. The response is excellent. I think that unless you specify which shares should be sold (and get verification that those shares were actually sold), the shares sold are usually first purchased first sold. Keep good records and good luck.

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