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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jul 27, 2002 7:54 AM Flag

    Persh- SFO Days!

    Persh- What years did you live in San Francisco, assume you may have been at Cal Pacific Medical Center around the corner? The Alta Mira is a very romantic spot for Saturday nite dining with a beautiful date overlooking the Bay but the Buena Vista is an after dinner Irish Coffee joint on Weekday nites for bachelors to meet local beauties. Also, Paeoli's on Cal & Montgomery,Monkey Inn behind Hippo's on Van Ness & Ricksha Bar in China Town.But best of all was Friday nite Happy Hours at O'Club Bar at NAS Alameda & Moffett.....the young girls were attracted to young jet-jockeys with wings....oh those were the days.BTW-Next Tailhook is 5-7 Sept in Reno,I'm debating going but was asked last nite by retired ex-fighter pilot buddies if I was coming [w/o wife of course,she'd rather discuss lanuages with Ponty then mix with a band-of-brothers who talk about fellow comrades lost at sea,KIA Vietnam or even dead of natural causes].Guess opposites still attract as somehow we have stayed together for over 38 years and I think it will last for a lifetime! Check Six

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    • Newby,

      Yes, absolutely, I listen to the words. In fact, that's why I play my favorite vocals--bluegrass, folk, Irish--over and over. There's something personal and meaningful for everyone in this music.


    • Persh,

      When people listen to music, do you think they really listen to what is being said? Bluegrass, I believe, if people would really listen to what is being said, has meaning to it. Now, not all of it, but more than any other type of music, just listened to Home Folks.


    • Newby,

      I didn't have a care in the world!


    • Persh,

      All this talk has had me turn my directtv to the bluegrass channel, hadn't had that channel on for awhile.

      Times were simpler, though things may have been tough, people got along, helped each other out, men opened doors for women, what has gone wrong? Sometimes you just wish you could turn the clock back don't you? Not that we wouldn't miss what we have gone thru, because we would, but life was much more laid back, and didn't have to worry about all the things we do today.


      When we're living on the other side, is playing now

    • Newby,

      Yes, I am! That was a fine post about Bill Monroe.

      I talked to him many times. When I was a young
      teenager, many of my friends and I worked at the Grand Ole Opry, selling programs and, get this, fans. Many of my friends fathers were executives at National Life, the owner of WSM and the Opry. So these jobs were fun and you could make $5 on a good night. The jobs were passed around.

      You could wander back stage and all the performers, annoucers etc hung out and drank
      RC Colas (a sponsor) My dad had the Martha White Flour ad account so I had a connection of sorts. Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb and Cowboy Copas were always nice to all as was Bill Monroe. Everyone just wandered around and had a big time. It went on til MN but we usually left about 10 and caught the bus home. I was 13/14...would you let your 13 yo ride the bus
      at night in Nashville today. I don't think so.


    • Pluto,

      I was a young resident at UC Medical School.
      !958 and 1959. The med school is not in Berkley. I worked at SF General and at Moffet
      Hospital. Since then I have visited out there
      and agree with whoever said the drive to Big Sur is one of the most beautiful in the world.

      Music lovers,

      Last night saw one hour rock and roll documentary, featured the Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis. IMO he is the greatest rocker, along with Chuck Berry. He always lived in Memphis.
      He married his 13 yo 2nd cousin; caused a huge
      uproar. It is a little known fact he is a cousin of Jimmy Swaggart...the infamous televangelist who was arrested consorting with prostitutes in Baton Rouge. Jim Swaggert could sing too! I always liked Jerry and Chuck Berry
      better than Elvis.

      This same series, on PBS, did a special on Chuck Berry and another called "Down From the Mountain" which had all the songs from the sound track of "Brother, Where Art Thou". Made at the Ryman here in Nashville. Willie Nelson, also performing at the Ryman, is coming up soon.

      Was Mozart from Nashville or Memphis?


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