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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Aug 31, 2002 2:18 PM Flag

    Bad News-Good News

    Bad news is Abbott is recalling 1.5 Mil Gonorrhea test kits for false negative readings...rumor is Bill Clinton suing Abbott but Hillary uninfected.Good news is Abbott is taking lead not waiting for FDA again!Barron's says Amgen's Enbrel should move from 300 Mil/year to 2800 Mil/year by 2006. But word is D2R7 is better so let's get it out!

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    • There appears to be on this board quite a bit of interest but also misconceptions on the subject of immunochemistry lately.
      Human antibody technology as in D2E7 is NOT monoclonal antibody technology at all. Monoclonal or HYBRIDOMA antibody technology relies on hybridoma (HYBRID) cells being formed by researchers in the lab by fusion of a) antibody producing cells (B cells) and b)myeloma cells ( a cancer cell line). The hybrids but not the parent cells are allowed to proliferate by growing them in a culture medium. These hybrid cells are then screened to determine which ones produce antibody of the desired specificity. Hybrid "immortalized" cells show only a single epitope (binding site shape) as opposed to polyclonal antibodies.
      Monoclonal antibodies synthesized as described above are still mouse monoclonals, not human ones. Human antibody technology is a very recent development and these antibodies ARE NOT produced by injecting humans with antigens and bleeding them to harvest the immunoglobulin, I can assure you of that.
      The technology is quite a bit more sophisticated.
      PS: Monoclonal antibodies were developed by Professor Cesar Milstein an Argentinian immunologist at the Imperial College in London. Dr. Milstein received a Nobel Prize for this discovery in the 70's. He recently passed away.

    • Phys, in looking around it apppears to me there is a push in the medical community to get the FDA to OK D2E7.


    • I agree, as I said, it should be the best of its class...but I don't think the word is in yet on this method of treating RA.


    • Persh:
      You write,"With D2E7 there may be a problem." True, nothing is 100% but this reduces the odds of something going wrong over what is already on the market. In bone marrow transplants for people with leukemia the closer the match the greater the chance of success. The same "principle" applies with mono-clonal antibodies. D2E7 looks like it will be the best on the market.

    • Lib,

      I think, the key word is think, rejection is or will be a problem with non human drugs.

      As for DE2E7, it MAY be a problem. All seem to agree it will be a better drug. If nothing else much easier to administer.

      This is what I gather, I have no expertise in this area.


    • ooops, need to correct myself-in the last sentence instead of allodomains i meant to say "xenodomains".
      Allodomains have been on my mind lately.

    • Persh,

      What would be the ramifications of that? They would just have to switch the patient to another drug, right? Does this potential exist with Enbrel and Remicade?

      Have you heard that this is a problem with D2E7 specifically, or are you speculating based on your knowledge of the human body?


    • True, true.
      Given the polymorphisms in the human species-approximately 0.1% of DNA in the human genome is polymorphic- this translates easily into more that 0.1% of the proteome polymorphism, resulting in what I already alluded to, namely Ha-Ha or human-anti- human immune response. But it stands to reason that a totally human immunoglobulin as opposed to a "humanized" one displaying allodomains, constitutes a great advancement.

    • Toxin,

      You wrote:"The problem becomes if D2E7 is $5 billion, you have 20% of your total corporate sales volume coming from one drug".
      As an avid Abbott investor and therefore wishing Abbott the best, I'd LOVE to have a "problem" like this.

      Me too. I'll worry about the future when the future gets here. I own a lot of shares that will go up nicely if this occurs.


    • It is not known if D2E7 will succeed over the long run, "rejection" may occur over time even
      if it is "totally" human Ig.


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