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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Sep 7, 2002 8:21 AM Flag



    In continuing with this week's theme that you can't make money following the mutterings of the consensus. "Barron's" this week revisits 12 big name Wall Street strategists that gave predictions last year. All of them except Doug Cliggett were wrong and wrong by a lot. What is unsettling is that 11 of the 12 are still bullish. Cliggett is a bear. So don't be posting on here bullish calls that these people make and think that it is any reflection of what in reality is going to happen. When it's all said and done, most of these strategists aren't any better at forecasting the market than we are. We must refrain from quoting them as authorities. They aren't. Remember the results from the Wall Street Week panelists last year? Mary Farrell, Roger McNamee and Liz Ann Sonders were all down in their predictions in the 50% range. Do your own thinking gentlemen. We've got to find better ways to navigate this brutal market than to follow these discredited predictors of glory. This is not a knock on them personally. Predicting the market is hard. But view their drivel skeptically. Very skeptically. This also applies to reading the liberal mainstream press as well. Do your own thinking and we can find some ways to make money. When we hear this nonsense, we must attempt to shoot holes in the theories and see which side is strongest. We must think creatively to make money in this difficult environment. We can't chase analyst recommendations. (I suggest putting all money in OMX). At least you don't hear these buffoons recommending OMX and that's something to consider as a positive.

    Have a nice Saturday.


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    • ...and to clatify; I would take the Saudi thing very seriously and not worry about Sharon. This is no more than ordinary common sense.


    • Toxic,

      "Misgivings" about the special relation we have with Israel are rampant among my friends.
      I consider them well read and thoughtful people. It is a common question but because it is ignored by the mainstream media it is not a national debate. It is, in fact, forbidden ground. I do not think we take Sharon/9-11 seriously, but we don't take the Saudi connection seriously either. Or at least we are told not to worry about these people.


    • Lib,

      Think Bob Beckel before you answer that Email...and she's only 15. So she says anyway.

      Oh, what I would give to see Arizona beat Spurrier. AZ 7 pt underdog. ;-)

    • Lib, A friendly advice : keep away from Teriena.
      Re: your earlier post. I have probably more misgivings about the so called "special relation" we have with Israel than you or most people on this board. I just don't tolerate unsubstanciated assertions-Sharon /9-11- without any evidence. I asked the nazi to provide the evidence several times. Unable to do so he came up with the characteristic neo-nazi, racist rhetoric. That's not perception, that's the reality.

    • Are you telling ME to stop being wimpy?
      You are echoing the points I raised in the post to which you are responding. I agree with you 100%. All the nonsense heard now about Islam being a religion of peace will not change the fact that Islam and West cannot coexist unless Islam changes. And thatwill take decades, maybe centuries.

    • Albear is probably right about Islam. There are a lot of apologists and very little condemnation.

      Persh. I don't have a date for next Saturday. Think I should e-mail Teriena? Do women have pubic hair at age 15? It's probably best that I not find out.

      Is it progress when you get rid of Sam and Cokie on This Week on ABC? Yes. Is it a major step backwards when they get replaced by George Stephanopoulus? Probably. It's two for the price of one, but that one is pretty hideous.

      Did Cheney and Powell unequivocally make the case against Saddam this morning? Probably not. Is the circumstantial evidence too strong to ignore and leave to chance? Probably.

      Who bought Scott Ritter? He's in Iraq giving a speech condemning America. I'm sure Plute knows him, so maybe he can tell us.

      Is it great to be alive and living in America where we can have these debates? Absolutely.

      Have a nice Sunday.


    • i have a lot of trouble believing islam is a religion of peace when very few of their religious leaders have come out apologizing for their radicals blowing up Christian Chruches in Pakistan last month or enslaving Christians in africa to be slaves. Stop neing so wimpy snd smell the coffee-we christians in US arre next if we do not fight now-dont believe me go look for youirself at:


    • "I still wonder why we fought on the side of these albanian muslims againts our yougoslav kins."

      This bugs the heck out of me too. This explains it best for me.

      "This suggests the fascinating possibility that the key for a group intending to turn Europeans against themselves is to trigger their strong tendency toward altruistic punishment... In making judgments of altruistic punishment, relative genetic distance is irrelevant."

      -What makes Western Culture Unique-

    • I respectly disagree about the krauts, they have no armed forces to speak of and we are over there protecting them. When you think that during WW II, one german soldier was worth 5 GI's and 23 red army infantryman, they have a long way to go ...

      As for yarmulkemeister, lo and behold that guy has the highest mouth-to-brain ratio on this site, something went wrong at his HATAFAT DAM BRIT ... he is not only intellectually inert, but that fixation about holding something hard in both hands and banging somebody ... he is definitely a degenerate and pervert type.

    • " far worse than any real or preceived anti-Semitism of his"
      Are you stupid?
      You certainly behave as such. "Perceived" Anti-Semitism??
      How much more evidence do you need?
      When he and his kind will start invading YOUR HOME and threaten you with a long knife will you still talk abou KiKi's "perceived" ani-Semitism?
      And that it is far worse than me taking a bat to him?
      Yea, but you are sure willing to invate "pre-emptively Iraq?
      Something doesn't jive here.
      I think I told you this several times before: I don't need your teaching. Keep it to yourself. As I said, when KiKi and his friends come after YOU, it will be to late.

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