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  • aok93643 aok93643 Oct 13, 2002 8:18 PM Flag

    Milton Friedman

    Nobelist in economics is the father of modern economic thought. His ideas have prevailed I believe... in practice...they work. You might want to read some of his stuff.


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    • Newby,

      Good question. My confidence level with the Bears is pretty low right now. I'd probably take the Pack.......I should be struck dead for even thinking such a thing. ;-)


    • Mugs,

      Sorry about your mother in law, you have my sympathy.

      Actually, Ramsey had 16 points for last week, McNair is my other qb and he only had 17. Ramsey active this week as Titans have a bye.

      My problem is, who do I start for defense, Bears defense against Lions or Packers defense against Redskins. Any thoughts?


    • Newby,

      Haven't paid much attention to fantasy this week. Mother in law passed away on Sunday. I hope you didn't actually play your new QB pick up last week. I heard he had negative fantasy numbers on Sunday.


    • sorry, i don't know. i wasn't terribly interested and don't remember.

    • Thanks for the update Student...I am sure that there was posturing on the figures by both sides. Do you know what they finally settled for?


    • my lady friend is a teacher in a private school in downers grove. she told me that the figure quoted for salaries was slanted to make them sound much higher than they actually are. as i remember, she said they included the upper management in figuring that amount.

    • Newby....

      Do you remember just a few weeks ago when the Downers Grove (IL) High School teachers struck. The median salary was $75,000 and the top was $160+. They were seeking a 19% raise over 3 years. What struck me funny was that they settled on Thurs so that the #1 football team in the state would not have to forfeit the game, they needed to be in school on Friday for them to play. Also believe the school was involved in another high profile athletic event that week as well. Do not know what they settled for, but heavy pressure by the parents and the students turned this one around.

      My ex was a teacher and the union negotiator for a local grade school district. At that time, her salary was pitiful. She also was taking money out of her pocket to buy school supplies to teach with all the time; maps, etc. When I see the constrast between her rather modest district and those in Downers Grove, I do see a necessity to level the playing field for those districts that do not have the tax base to support better educational programs. Heard on the news this morning that 85% of the State of Ill schools budgets are running into deficit spending situations this year already. Sad, really sad!.


    • But I should have actually read the message to check spelling before I posted it. Thanks for pointing the mistakes out to me. But I can't turn on the light without waking my sleeping wife.

    • No, I'm typing in the dark.

    • Well, then you've met one now. The lack of merit pay is one of the biggest reasons I left. How would you like lokking across the hall at another teacher who doesn't really teach the students(they just assign chapters to read and questions to answer). They come in at the last second, leave as soon as the bell rings in the afternoon while you come early and stay late to tutor. You take more courses to make sure you are the most knowledgable in your field while he/she across the hall doesn't even know as much as the student.
      And yet they are going to make the same amount of money as you because they have the same number of years of service as you do. Doesn't that make you want to go and work your ass off. And don't give me any of that BS about doing it for the children. Liberals always want to get emotional and not look at reality. Good teachers want merit pay because they know they would be rewarded for their efforts. The only ones against it are the lazy liberals who would hsve to actually do some work and be judged accordingly.

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