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  • keekefretter keekefretter Nov 7, 2002 1:30 PM Flag

    D2E7 = Viagra


    When Viagra got approved, PFE started a long downtrend. Investors who sold just prior to the approval kept all their chips.

    Could D2E7 present a similar opportunity?

    Averaging into the S&P500 appears to beat any of its component stock over the long run: the 2% dividend is icing on the cake and the FDA never spies on SPY.

    I like the fishing story, one day I caught several basses in a lake and kept them roped in the water. Later in the afternoon, only the heads remained. A fisherman told me he saw a snapping turtle eat the rest of the fish!

    Later, Kiki

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    • Keefer... My Personal, pulsating experiences offend many... I'd better just keep them restricted and poke around in my pocket if I get the urge...

      They are monumental, that is all I can say...

      I have a gut feeling Myles may turn up today... Anticipation is cruel...


    • KiKi,

      The is a dearth of easy to use drugs in the pipeline. Name one in the last couple of years that has been hugely popular. The last ones that come to mind are (I know, I've said this before) Viagra, the the SSRI's (Prozac), and the PPI's (Prilosec) D2E7 is costly and most likely not be used in primary care. All this said, ABT is attractive because of its diverse
      product line.

      As for fishing...I caught a big wahoo, 20/25 lbs in the Bahamas Feb 02, something bit off the body behind the head as I got it up to the boat.

      Take it easy all, Persh

    • Not a chance...Viagra makes you stiff while D2E7 relieves stiffness.I was wondering how many Viagras bobdole used after Liddy won Senate, maybe Abbott will use Strom Thurmond. Persh- WebMD still moving must be funds buying or shorts covering!BTW-What's with AMSG still falling today?

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