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  • keekefretter keekefretter Jan 4, 2003 8:52 PM Flag

    Sempiternal cheerleading


    NLY looks better and better, will put a few buys at $19, $18 and $17 fer sherr.

    The consensus is that LOW is better than HD, isn't it.

    Susie Gharib interview of that guru on NBR is compelling, 2003 ain't going to be good.

    ABT cheerleaders were expecting a big boost with Humira� approval. They got 8% and what not. First quarter earnings will be made of excuses and currency gains in the EU with the � up about 30% in 2002 vs. the greenback.

    Bad earnings are always the key to downgrades and ABT will be not be immune. On the other hand, if the WS boys push the price down to ca. $35 it will present a tremendous BUY opportunity for us.

    Ciao, Kiki

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    • Feisty,

      We have time to talk.


    • KiKi,

      I don't know what you've been consuming lately, but it's not making you a positive person. The 4th quarter was made and made with good quality earnings. ABT may even beat the number. My dictionary does not have sempiternal in it.

      The consensus is that Lowe's is better than HD, but you make money going against the consensus. HD is not bad, but the sentiment is horrible. It's gone straight down 33% and they aren't going out of business.

      AoK is right about Sodomy and his boys going in to exile. I'm sure Powell and Rumsfeld have been working furiously on it. If this happens, the Dems will really have difficulty bad mouthing the administration, especially when the market goes up 700 points in one day. The Dems are really whining about the stimulus package. They don't think that the people who pay taxes should get the tax cuts. Let's give more subsidies to those who pay nothing. I have no sympathy with the fact that people pay more social security tax than income tax. That's the Democrats' beloved program and if people want it, let them pay for it and let them know who's forcing them to participate in the program which gives them a 2% return. If you want retirement security, you should fund it with your own money, not Plute's, Ponty's and mine. Although Ponty doesn't mind donating his.

      ABT conference call in January will be interesting.


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      • Lib

        Sempiternal is in Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the english language. I thought CEO Myles White had given an earnings warning at the recent conference call from what I read on this board.

        Now too, LOW appears to be a better bet than HD from what I read here.

        I would be more positive fer sherr was it not for my holidays blues.

        Buonanotte, Kiki

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