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  • aok93643 aok93643 Jan 31, 2003 3:01 AM Flag

    European Brothers

    I posted this from another source. It was erased several times.


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    • Plute

      Maybe we should consider levelling all these Southern Plantations' mansions reminding people of the slavery that took place over there fer sherr, and Monticello by the same token.

      Pharmgenome is a pissant and a moron.

      Do you agree with me on this one, Kiki

    • I really have nothing to add to your statements Only and tend to agree with them...

      Have a good weekend...


    • Indeed there were many loyalists (Tories) to the Crown that were "yelling" at the founding fathers. Many of these Colonial aristocrates had vast land grants (the Penns of Pennsylvania) which they eventually lost after the revolution when all Crown land grants were declared void. So in fact they were responding to local and overseas pressures.

      Your expression (a God given right since it comes from free will) to the other driver is tempered by the fact she is not a burlly truck driver and your act of driving is itself a priviledge granted by your state of residence.

      As far as interpretation of the Bible (or any holy script for that matter), this has been done many times to justify actions that seem contrary to both scripture and common sense. If you believe in God (and I do) then you know that the final arbitrator will be God. With this in mind, it becomes necessary to weigh every aspect of our actions regardless of present circumstances.

      Have a good day.

    • Aok- Thanks for your support, think we could get 8 on this board to speak up against the immigrant who benefitted from "the bravery and generosity of the USA" as stated by 8 European countries in yesterday's WSJ? To date we are a small "band of brothers" that Persh would have supported would he be here. I'd say we may get some others like:Newby,Lib,AMD,RD,Wealthy,Web,Mugs,Lucy,Book,& must be others.The time has come to let these ungratefull immigrants who have been oppressed in their own countries and seek the protection offerred by the "Land of the Brave" to get off their soap box crudely shouting their personal views on public boards like is totally unapproprite and belongs on IGNORE.Let's hope the flagrant loud-mouth leaves for the 2nd & last time as I certaintly will not welcome him back again! Check Six

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      • Pluto,

        I love my country. We will do the right thing in these times of uncertainty. If no one else is brave enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with us, then I say the heck with them. Some of the countries of 8 that are standing by the US of A, now that they are free countries, they realize how much better they have it. Once again, ones that do not support us, they will come crying. I also do not have much use for people who imigrate to the US, use our system to get rich off, but bad mouth our system and leaders. Hey, if it is that bad, don't bother coming over here. Many have come and made a better life for themselves and realize how great this country is. And good for them, that is what we are about. It is those few who bad mouth, go back to where you came, but I forget, it's worse there then here right?

        Semper Fi,


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