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  • alicelovesmiryam alicelovesmiryam Mar 16, 2003 7:41 AM Flag

    You call me a liberal?

    I don�t know why people on this board call me a liberal. I�ve decided that most of my criticisms of Dubya�s policy on Iraq are more conservative than not. And I am not alone.

    Dubya and his radical crew have alienated old friends. They�ve been rude and crude. They�ve treated diplomacy with contempt. They�ve been amazingly cavalier toward key military allies. They�ve trashed international institutions dating back to World War II. They�ve dissed their elders in the Pentagon, the State Department and elsewhere.

    A conservative handling of the crisis would have paid attention to the economy, built a coalition, demanded common-sense evidence of Iraq aid to Al-Qaida. A traditional conservative would be asking tougher questions about democratizing the Middle East. It was a popular conservative idea until lately, certainly in the South, to mock �nation building� as impractical. Yet now Dubya plans to turn Mesopotamia � which hasn�t known 10 minutes of democracy in 5,000 years � into Missouri.

    They want Iraq�s �people� to enjoy Iraq�s oil. Power to the people!! They want to liberate Iraq�s Kurds and Shiites. Wall Street be damned!!! Forget the national debt! Do it alone if necessary!! To hell with British public opinion. Sounds like the liberals to me.

    This is conservatism? No. It�s more like some dreamy, prickly, self-pitying country-and-western song.

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