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  • i_am_a_muggle i_am_a_muggle Mar 18, 2003 10:21 PM Flag

    Buds et al

    For what it's worth, my take on this....

    Dubya is gonna do what he's gonna do. It doesn't matter whether you voted for him or not. As Americans we stand by our President. That is the whole point of democracy IMO. We live in the best country in the world. God is watching over all.......even you Alice. I hope you find salvation someday. Peace, Love and Prayers to all.


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    • I hope this wasn't an attack on my level of intelligence as sometimes when I get upset my mind works faster then my typing. I am tired of seeing the protest against our country. If I had my way I would bring our people from around the world home. I would also bring all of the money and support we give all of these nation who don't care for us to began with. I still support our troups and president for what they are doing. If you don't agree with me then I am sorry. I remember the way we were treated after Vietnam and would hate to see that happen to any soldier. My God be with them!

    • Who knows what happened Alice, maybe something just snapped... The world is composed of all kinds of people... Some are good, and some are evil, and some are unsure...

      The unsure ones are the biggest threat, as their evil hides behind a good facade...

      I meant no offense to your family, other than making a point that you should dance with the bytch you brought to the party...

      Regarding Dubya, let us not cry over spilt milk... He is doing what must be done, like it or not...


    • Neither my brother nor brother-in-law wanted or asked for early retirement. They just did not want to serve under Dubya and Rumsfeld and were leaving the military long before they were eligible for early retirement. They view the policies and actions of Dubya as dangerous and in some instances illegal, making soldiers potentially responsible for actions illegal under international law, hence, war crimes.

      I do not know the circumstances of the fragging incident that occurred in Kuwait yesterday, but it is reminiscent of similar incidents during the Vietnam war, when orders were given that were repugnant and illegal and a soldier had no other option. The news says that the suspect was recently disciplined for insubordination. Did he refuse to follow an illegal order during an illegal military action? I am not saying I support such actions but I wonder if more will occur.

    • It sounds to me like your relatives wanted to be paid for a job they were not willing to do, and when they saw they might have to "clock-in", they wanted to back out with early retirement...

      If they are doing their job now, then I am very proud of them... I know very few people that actually like their Boss, I know thousands that do their jobs, because they love their jobs even if they do not like their management...

      Your logic is flawed, Alice...


    • Both my brother and brother-in-law had intended to be career soldiers. That was until Dubya was elected. Both of then decided that they did not want to serve under Dubya or Rumsfeld because they felt that they were maniacal and that their policies were reckless and dangerous. Both were schedules to separate from the services in the fall of 2001 but stop-loss orders after 9/11 prevented that from happening. Both of them feel that the Iraqi war is not legitimate and is probably illegal, yet they are doing what they have to prevent courts martial. They say Dubya's war has nothing to do with keeping our freedom, as you are fond of saying. And don't talk about me not serving my country. I have for agencies other that DoD in Iron Curtain countries, former Iron Curtain countries and elsewhere.

      I can understand why they feels as they do when I look at the front page of today's paper. There is a picture of Iraqi soldiers that were mowed down while standing unarmed and holding a white surrender flag on a staff. Other pictures on the same page include a small girl who's body is almost completely covered with severe burns cause by coalition bombs and a mother holding an infant that was shot by coalition forces. These ar not casualties of war. These are war crimes.

      You and others on this board reiterate well known facts of Saddam's brutality toward his people and the numbers he has killed. You conveniently forget that the administration of the elder Bush is responsible for at least 250,000 of those deaths. He encouraged Iraqis to rise up against Saddam with the understanding that we would support them. Naively, they believed him only to have our support never materialize. In fact, we reneged on our promises to them, we lied to them, resulting in Saddam killing over 250,000 in a single week.

      Dubya's decision to send American troops to the Middle East was a matter of policy, not military strategy. Citizens are not obligated to silently accept the policy decisions of any president from either party. Supporters of the war should remember this and acknowledge the right of protesters to voice their opposition.

    • She is giving me the impression that she is either a pathological liar, or someone who has a very diverse background.She could also be Iraqi propaganda person!!!
      She says she has family in the US military, she says she has family in Iraq, then her bio says she's a male... and on and on and on--
      Pathological liar, or who knows what--I put her on ignore and would suggest that everyone else do the same.
      When we don't respond to the BS, then she will go away--and anyway once they are on ignore, for all intents and purposes, they have gone away!

    • "I am a prior member of the U.S. marines." To be a marine a person must have a certain level of intelligence. Quotes: "Go join them people you have stronger feeling for." "If you don't love us them LEAVE." Educated or not and as they say on Fox News, you decide.

    • Apparently your family does not share your feelings about things or they would not have served or be serving their country. Are you still part of thr family or did they kick you out and tell you to go away?

      Perhaps you saw some of the world if your father was a career officer? Where did you go, Germany, Hawaii, Italy? I served in the USMC and saw parts of the world that you and others like you never saw. Ever spend months in an former Iron Curtian country? I have, and you appreciate the U.S. of A. a heck of a lot more when you see what they didn't and couldn't have.

      You and others like you don't appreciate the freedom that you have because you grew up in it and expect it. You have no idea how the other side lives. Don't be lecturing us. There are many brave men and women who have died so you can keep your freedom and live like you do. And more will so you can continue to be free. You are ungrateful for what you have. What do you suggest we do about idiots like sodomy? Please tell me, I'm waiting. Oh, by the way, thank your family members for serving their country and keeping us free. If they still talk to you that is.


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